Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 20

SEVENTHINGS... Seven things you didn’t know about... 1. IN THE BEGINNING Inside the Box Marketing was first established in 2011 by industry veteran Chris Globe. For many years previously, Chris had gained a raft of experience whilst working for WHS Halo in variety of Sales and Marketing roles. On establishing Inside The Box Marketing, he was delighted to be asked by Liniar to support their marketing efforts as they began their stellar growth in the industry. From the beginning, Chris held a vision that he wanted to help new, up-and-coming businesses who had little or no marketing experience. His aim was always to help unleash the potential in their products and services using the skills and knowledge he had acquired during his 30-years in the industry. Sticking to the vision and having the experience to know what companies in Fenestration need, has enabled the business to thrive over recent years. 20 » JAN 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M 2. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT Over the last 12 months, the business has expanded and employed an experienced PR Manager to bring additional resource for ITBM. Stephanie Tague joined Inside The Box Marketing after having numerous years of experience working in marketing roles for businesses across the Fenestration industry. Adding more means to the businesses has developed a new dynamic, with the company now being able to extend its client offering further. Previously, Stephanie had developed skills and knowledge working with hardware, manufacturing and component companies. Having the knowledge of how organisations operate in the Fenestration industry, is a major benefit to a client, saving time and effort on their part. Experience is also key to ensure as a consultant, Inside The Box Marketing is able to scope out a perfect marketing strategy or campaign for its clients. 3. ALL ABOUT YOU Inside The Box Marketing has a diverse portfolio of clients from across the glass and glazing industry. Ensuring these clients and their businesses receive the best from an agency, it pays close attention to the needs of the client and their business goals. ‘All About You’ is Inside The Box Marketing’s strapline and one which it endeavours to ensure remains at the forefront throughout its relationship with a client. Take for example Sheffield based, GQA Qualifications, the main awarding organisation for the Fenestration industry. Since appointing Inside The Box Marketing, it has seen the profile of its organisation and the number of partnerships it has formed with key industry employers rise significantly. Clients such as Supalite Tiled Roofs and Truedor from IG Doors with the stellar products they offer the industry have been working with ITBM since the outset of their launch. 4. WHAT’S IN A NAME..? ‘Inside The Box Marketing’ is not naturally a figure of speech used amongst Marketing purists. However, when setting up the business Chris identified a trend in the people he was working with who rejected ‘thinking outside the box’. Determined to get back to basics, he focussed on using the attributes clients already had in their business to help promote their products and services in a simplistic way. “It was purely a mind-set thing when we set the business up,” says Chris: “you don’t need to go off and re-invent the wheel every day to achieve success; most businesses have already got everything they need, and it is just a case of drawing those things out to help them promote themselves.”