Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 16

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS SNICKERS’ NEW ALL ROUND WINTER INSULATOR JACKET » » SHARP, STYLISH LOOKS AND market-leading 37.5® fabric technology make this jacket a must for winter on site or outdoor leisurewear. Snickers Workwear continues to lead the way with working clothes that are unrivalled in design, superb functionality and fit. This great-looking quilted jacket is padded with 37.5® fabric insulation for warmth and climate control to keep your body warm or comfortably cool when you most need it. With a water-repellent fabric, it can be worn on its own or combined with other Next Generation working clothes such as Base Layer fleeces and shirts or Outer Layer waterproof Shell Jackets. Fashionable and functional, this jacket has long arm cuffs with thumb grips for warm comfort and a high collar that delvers extra wind protection. It’s also got stretchable side panels in for comfort and flexibility with Cordura-reinforced elbows for durability and reflective arm details to provide enhanced visibility for personal safety. Coventry hat-trick » » WARM EDGE PIONEER » » PHIL PLUCK, GGF GROUP CHIEF Executive commented: “2017 has been a memorable year for the GGF with the Federation commemorating its 40th anniversary so we are pleased to cap the year with our Lifetime Achievement Award. We were delighted to see so many GGF Members nominated as finalists which clearly reflects the high Յ䁽)́ݥѡȁ5͡t)Q́Ʌѕ̀Ѡ)ٕͅѡɽ՝Ёѡ啅ȁЁ)ɽ̸ٕQѡɬ)啅ȁ݅́Ёѡ܁݅ɑ́ЁAɬ1)!ѽ1ݥѠѡ1ѥ)ٕЁ݅ɐѕ݅́Ёѡ )ѡeȁѕ䁅Ёѡ ٕ)QɅ ͥ́݅ɑ̸)QՅٕахѕѡ)չ ٕQɅȰ)́ѼɅєՍ̰ɕ͔)ٕЁ͡ݍ͔]ݥ͡ɗe)Ёхمѥٔ)̸͕ͥ)Q݅ɑ́ձѕɽ)ɕ͕хѥٕЁ ٕe)Iɕѕ䁡չɕ́)́ѡɕéͥ́չ) ٕ䵉͕ɴAPaQɅ݅)́ 䁽ѡeȸ)Q݅ɑ́Ёѕȁѕ݅)ѕ́܁ ЁMȁ)ѡeȰMȁ ȁ5ՙɕȀ)ѡ9ѥɅѥ݅ɑ̸)!5ɭѥ ɱє٥)ѕ胊qЁѕݗeɔɕ)ɽՐѼѡɥ٥5̰́ͥ)Ʌ她չɕ́)ٕȁȁՙɥ)ѡɕ+qIѱ䁥ٕѥٕȁ)չ́ȁՅѕ̰)ݗeɔɅѥȁѥե)ѵЁѼѡ ٕ)]ݥ͡ɔɔɽ)ܹ5饹ܹѕլ)ܹ͹ݽɭݕȹլ)]IL @55=I 1eH)Q́饹Ʌѥ́)ѡͽ́ѡ݅ɑ́ͥЁхѕ)ѡ́啅ȁ؁́ѕ̸́Q)ͼ́ݸѠٕͅ䁍ɅѥݥѠ)a1ѥٕЁ݅ɐd͔͕ܤ(؃ )8 0IY$\U, <