Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 12

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS ARTIST GIVES SEAL OF APPROVAL » » THERE’S MORE THAN ONE USE for the Mighton Ankerstuy coatings range. Independent cabinet-maker-turned-artist Rob Bishop recently tested some for his new artwork pieces - and was more than impressed. Created at his Hertfordshire-based workshop, Rob’s unique style of artwork is formed using a method that combines digital art with wood work and painting. Each piece, including a bespoke wooden frame, is created in its entirety from scratch with multiple layers of wood stain applied in order to produce a unique outcome every time. In 2015 Rob was signed by a major art publishing house within weeks of his first gallery appearance. However, in 2017 he decided to work as an independent artist which has allowed him to take full control of his work and be selective with what galleries he exclusively displays in. Mighton first introduced Anker Stuy Verven paint products to the UK joinery market in 2016, as a sole trusted distributor, before both companies announced an official partnership earlier this year. A rebrand of the range subsequently took place with all paints and coatings now distributed to UK joiners under the new Mighton Ankerstuy brand. Blazing a trail with membership programme » » ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONCERNS in the industry at the moment is the impending skills gap. It’s a concern Epwin Window Systems is acutely aware of, but Sharn Samra, the company’s Marketing Directo Ȱ́ͅЁ́хѕ́Ѽхѡ)Քq]܁ѡЁɥѽ́х)ɔɹЁͭݽɭ)ӊéͽѡѡЁፕ́Mхɐ)ȁ܁͡ɽɅɕ̸͕)QɽɅ́ѼɥٔՅ䁅Ёٕ)хѡͥ́ɔЁѡЁ)٥ͭݽɭɍt)ɹѽĹѡፕ)䰁ݡ́ݼɽѕ́Ѽɕѥ)ͭݽɭɍQЁ́٥)͍չѕ9YDɅѡ͕)ɕѥ̸͡)Qፕ䁥́Ё)Ёѡፕ́Mхɐ)ɽɅ͔́ͼ)ɽѡՅɽՍ́مɽ)AɽȰḾMݥ͠ɽ)ɭѥаѹȁ́)ͥ́и)ፕ́Mхɐ́ݥ䁉͕)́饹Ʌѡ䁅ѡ)ፕ䁥ӊéȁѼ͕ݡ)ܹݥլ)I58aA9M%=8MUAA=IQLU, Q%Y%Qd+ AI=%9I=U@!L)ͥѱ䁕)ɽՍѥѥ́Aɵ͕̰)ɵ䰁ȁѡѥՕ)ɽѠѡ/Y55I1%9)Ʌ䁵ɭ̰Ց)ѡU,)Qѕɹѥՙɕ)AY ԁɽ́ȁݥ́)̰́ɕѱɍ͕(ՅɔЁͥєɽѡ)䁅ɅѥAɵ͕)ѼЁɔɽѠQ)ɕ́ѕѡͥє)ͥѡɅɽ)ѡє٥䁽ѡ)ѥɽѽɕ͕̰)ݡɕ䁉̀ȸٵ)ՅɔЁ)ɽյȀఁɽ)́Ѽٕѡ)ɽՍѥͥє́Ё(ȃ )8 0IY$\U, <4)ѕɴɽѠɅѕ䰁ݡ)ݥͼ͕ɕ͔ѡ)ݽɭɍɽѡɕЁٕ)İЁѡ)ɝЁ́ѡɕ)ɑѼѡݹȁ) <ɽɽȸAѕ)5ɽͥЁ݅́ѼٕЁݼ)Ѓ ձѤչЁ(ȸ)MѕM)ɕѽȁ/Y55I1%9)ɽU,ѕ+qQٕ́ѵЁɵ)ݥЁЁѡȁ)ɅɭаЁͼ)ѥ٥ѥ́ѡU,]ٔ)ɴɅѕȁѡ)U,ݡ́Ѡ፥ѥ)幅t)ܹɱ