Clearview National January 2018 - Issue 194 - Page 10

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS More light than shade in 2018 » » ROTO GROUP INCREASED its performance, competitiveness and sustainability in 2017 - and is expecting ‘good opportunities’ for 2018, according to its chairman Dr Eckhard Keill. At the group’s 12th International Trade Press Day in Stuttgart, Germany, Dr Keill anticipated ‘slightly prospering markets’ in 2018 with a turnover increase of between 3-5% for the group. He predicted a total turnover for Roto of around 630 million euros, saying that the international construction industry was in ‘slightly better shape’ for the first time in years. Construction was proving to be the mainstay of general economic growth in China, the upswing in the USA was continuing, and in Canada, the recovery of the industry was much better than predicted after two weak years. For Latin America, there was a renewed positive trend in Argentina in contrast with a construction industry that was slowing in Brazil and Mexico. In Europe, the slight upwards trend was likely to pick up speed. The Euroconstruct research network was expecting an average construction growth of 3% for its 19 member countries. In residential construction, Hungary and Ireland ranked highest while the UK, Austria, Germany, Finland and Switzerland were at the lower end of the scale. However, increasingly high prices for residential properties posed a risk to future demand. POLITICAL RISKS For international window and door markets, 2017 had been a year of stabilisation and consolidation. However, the risk of ‘economic policies getting in the way’ was worrying, with concerns such as fluctuating interest rates and extreme foreign policy changes from Russia to items. Around half a billion Turn- Only/Tilt&Turn sets have been sold in 55 countries since the company was founded. Important market launches had included, at the end of 2016, the Patio Alversa universal parallel sliding and Tilt&Slide system. On the roofing side, Dr Keill referred to the Roto Q roof window generation. The easy-to-in [XXZ]YB]]H\ۜK[ N š\][[Y][ۘ[Xš[Y[Hو[‘\Yۛ]XYˈ][B\[Y܈H\[YH]HX YHZ\[XX\H[ۙKX\Z[ZXY[[Y\[^[\ܘY[Xܙ\^H[[H^HYXKܛY\XH\Y[وB]\X[\X[Y[ [^[\ܘY[Xܙ\[XY\[\]]X]\Y[\H[\Z[[Y\\8&][‘]\HXۈX˸&HHZYB[8&^[ܙ[\HYܙ]8&Hݙ\B^]وHRHH]\X[[[ۈ]\8&Y[]][x&HYYۘ[H[وHUKQUSшTUSSTQS”&\YY[[X[ٙX\ZXY[[Y\\ܝY]Bܛ\YXYH^[]H\][[\Y[ˈ\\وH][KBYX\ܘ[[YK\[\ Z[[ۈ]\YY[[\Y[YH[[ˈ\H\BH[H[\\Y\X[B]H[[܈]\[ۋH]و[\XB[ݘ][ۈ[K[H]”[ \\\B\[KH\]YX]Z\][ۈ]YBY[\Yۜ\[B[\ݙH\ܛX[K\]]][\[\Z[X[]KL0S N0PTHHHR B]\\H\8&^[YB\\Hۈ][Yx&H[B[[܈XB]\[ۋ\YۈH[X]Xš[ܙX\H[HXHو]›X]\X[]HXو]Z[X[]B]H[YH[YK][][ۜ܂[Y[[XY[HBY[[و M[H[ܙX\\™܈[[Z[][H[Y[\B\[ HXX \[XH۝[YBٙ][\H8&^[8&BZYX\Z[ [[]H8&Y\X\YۚYX[K&BUS TSPT”[[Y]][ٙ\[X[YX\\˜[[[][ۈ\[Y\“ H][ \\\B\[H܈[[[۞BܜHHY[[ق N H][H[][\وYXY[KX\]KYܝ[\YۋH\[x&\[ \[K[ZY\Y]H\وHZ[[][K\[H\\\[[ UTHQQSQBSHPTQB\۝[[\H^[[š][Hو]\K[ܚY[Y X\YKX\]XH\ۙ[]YY[YKXܙ[’\]]ZY \X܈قX[ݘ][ۈ[H[˜[܈XH]\[ۋ[XۚX܈\BHYHH[[\Y\[BKUX]HۘX[Y[XX[[\\H^[\\]\H[XYHX\ٝ[ H\\^[\H\B\\]\[[YB[[ۈوH][ \\\H\[K][]XH[XYHHܛH]]\][]\XX[BX\XH\XX[H\Y[˜\Y\ˈ\H\H8&\Yx&BHX\YHۘ\ [Y[Xو[YܛB[\\[\[]]ܚ\YX\HX\[HX›وٝ\H\X][ۜYH›؜\[H܈Z[H\[BZ[\\[\ZX˂[[ܜ\HH][ܘHZ[X\YH][ۜ]]\[XYHXHܚ][H\[\