Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 76

MOVERS&SHAKERS OBITUARY Tom seeks new goals » » AUDASI GROUP HAS ANNOUNCED the appointment of Tom Swallow as Managing Director of Welglaze. Tom’s many years in the pivotal role as Sales & Marketing Director at Quickslide - Welglaze’s northern stablemate - amply affirm his credentials for the job, as Group Chairman Adrian Barraclough explained: “We set out from the beginning to develop Jon Skinner Welglaze with the same ethos and standards as Quickslide in terms of product quality, service and marketing support.” Tom said: “The past year has seen a complete transformation at Welglaze, from the move into a new purpose-built factory and significant investment in new production equipment to recruiting and training the right staff and establishing efficient factory processes. Welglaze is now ready to build on the philosophy of continuous improvement in seeking new goals and I am very excited to have been tasked with leading the company forward.” The acquisition of Welglaze gave Audasi a major foothold in the South of England after 15 years of Yorkshire-based Quickslide growing into not only a major window and door fabricator but also a pioneer of bringing the iconic sliding sash window into the mainstream of the installers. » » IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS that we announce the death of our colleague and dear friend Jon Skinner who died on Friday 29th December, 2017. Jon had worked in the glazing industry for more than 40 years and spent his later years as Commercial Director of Epwin Window Systems, a role which he was proud to have and thoroughly enjoyed before ill health prevented him from continuing. Jon began his career serving an apprenticeship for BKL Alloys and soon found himself working in one of their newly formed companies, Scope Aluminium. Over the following years Jon worked with some of the industry leaders and help build some highly recognised brands in the industry. Jon has also chaired the marketing committee of the British Plastics Window Group, working to promote the industry and the benefits of its products. Jon, 63, was a popular industry figure and highly respected by both his colleagues and customers. He will be greatly missed. Jon is survived by his wife Lynette and sons Luke and Brett. Funeral arrangements will be communicated at the discretion of Jon’s family. Our thoughts are with Jon’s family and friends at this very sad and difficult time. 76 » F EB 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M KEVIN WARNER STRENGTHENS SALES TEAM » » WELL-KNOWN INDUSTRY FIGURE Kevin Warner has joined Synseal Group to take a leading role in directing their national sales strategy. Previously Head of Sales and Marketing at profine GmbH (Kömmerling), Kevin has 25+ years’ experience in the industry and joined the team at Synseal Group just before the Christmas break, reporting into Group Sales and Marketing Director Andy Jones. Kevin Warner, Synseal’s new Sales Director, said: “With the marketplace changing so dr ѥ䁥ѡU,%ɕM͕)ɽ́ɕЁչ䁙ݥ)ՉхѥɽѠѼͥѥ͕́ѡ)éU,ՙɕȻt+qM͕éɽՍЁɥ͕́)ѼݥѠѡȁٕѵ́ѡ)Ѽٕѡ́ݥɅٕ)ѡȸ'e݅ɐѼݽɭݥѠ)ȁѥ́ͅѕͥ)ѼхM͕ɽѼѡЁٕt))̰ɽḾ5ɭѥ)ɕѽȁЁM͕ɽ+q-٥é䁕ɥݥɽٔ)ѼمՅ͕ЁѼ)ѥ́ͅѥ٥䁅ЁM͕'e)ѕ͕́Ѽ́Ёѡ)፥ѥѥ