Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 72

ROOFING An orangery that has it all » » CONNAUGHT CONSERVATORY Roofs Ltd has once again seen excellent year on year growth over the past few years. A significant proportion of this has been largely due to the continued growth in the lightweight solid roof sector. With Connaught offering three market leading variants of solid roof; Ultraframes, Ultra380 and LivinRoof, alongside the Guardian Warm Roof, it believes it has a solution for all situations. Another substantial area of growth for Connaught has been the Ultrasky Lantern roof. Whilst this demand for lightweight solid/ tiled roofs has been undeniably driven by the consumers demand for an all-year round living space, it is important as an industry, says Connaught, that the continued potential of the glazed roof market is not ignored. At the point of sale, businesses should be mindful not to portray glazed roof solutions in a negative light when talking to consumers about solid roof options. This is a core sector which has recently been overshadowed by the excellent developments in the solid roof replacement sector. However, Connaught believes that not enough is being done to sing the praises of glazed roof product developments and their benefits in the ‘Glazed Extension’ sector. The company says: “We recognize that with well thought out product choices and the clever use of these products such as the LivinRoom insulated pelmets, thermally broken ridge and insulated Loggia columns; a glazed extension can emulate the performance characteristics of a solid roof conservatory. Evidence of the homeowners’ desire for this kind of product has been shown by the rise in demand for orangeries and pseudo orangery products.” Connaught is therefore delighted to offer the Ultrasky Orangery that can both satisfy the homeowners desire for an orangery type product whilst simultaneously avoiding the complexities of constructing a flat deck roof and the necessary supporting structures – a definite advantage for the installer. With an impressive building size, up to 8m x 5.6m, Connaught believes this product has it all. In addition, the inclusion of Cornice Aluminum gutter solutions can offer both a contemporary and traditional style to the orangery and emulate the look of a fascia. The height of the cornice can be adjusted to suit the proportions of the installation. Roofing with Royal Connections » » AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES’ BUILDING Products team helped restore the roof of a historic hall, in Rutland, to its former glory, after supplying 700m2 of its Bradstone Cotswold roofing tiles to the project. Located in the village of Langham, Ranksborough Hall is a large grand house that was built in 1893 for Lord Ranksborough, who was then equerry to Queen Victoria. These days The Bradstone Cotswold roofing tiles in situ at Ranksborough Hall. 72 » F EB 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M the hall and its surrounding 50 acres of parkland are home to many exclusive residential and holiday homes, as well as a sited touring park. Aggregate Industries was brought on board by Rutland Roofing, appointed contractors on the job. The hall originally had Collyweston Stone Sl єѡɽݡѼ)ɕЁѡ́ɕեɕ)ɽՍЁѡЁݽձɕ͕ͥȁ)иɕє%ɥϊd Ʌѽ) ݽɽѥ́Ёѡи!٥͕)ѡ Ʌѽ ݽѥ́ɕ٥ͱ䰁ݡ)͵͕ѥѡɽ݅́ɕեаѡ)܁ᅍѱݡɔѼݡЁѼ)ɕѡݡɽ)%ѽхѡɽЁѽɽչͥѡ)Ѽє́ѡɽ݅́ɕ͕ѥ̰)ݥѠѡѥ́ݽɭѡȁ݅䁅ɽչѡ)ɽ́ɥхեեЁٕȁ)ЁɅɕ͕ѕ́Ѽѡѕ)ݽɭиȁɕє%ɥ̰ݡ)ɥѡɽ́ձ͕)٥ѡ͔Qɕɔ͍Ѽ)ɕѕѼєѡͼݥѠՍ)չՔɽ䰁ѡɽ݅́Ёхɐ)͡ѡѕѼݥѠ́)ɕЁͽѥ́ݭ݅ɐ̸)QЁɔЁɕє%ɥ)ӊéձɅեɽՍ̰٥ͥ)ܹɕєQхЁIѱ)I͔ѱɽ)兡