Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 63

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS ENERGY EFFICIENT REMODELLING OF GEORGIAN TOWNHOUSE » » AN HISTORIC LISTED GEORGIAN townhouse in London’s Bloomsbury has been transformed into a comfortable, peaceful and energy efficient home that approaches Passivhaus EnerPHit standards. This was achieved by using modern insulation techniques including an advanced secondary glazing system from Selectaglaze that markedly improves the performance of the traditional, single glazed sash windows. The large single glazed sash windows were challenging as they represented a significant proportion of the wall area and could not be replaced. The answer was secondary glazing; but the extremely high levels of insulation required, the aesthetics and the need for working shutters in some rooms demanded a bespoke solution. Robert Prewett of Prewett Bizley Architects approached Selectaglaze and originally proposed a totally new design but coincidentally the company was both developing a new sash window design and trialling Pilkington’s Spacia thin vacuum units which have a centre pane U-value of 1.0. The resulting Series 25 window proved perfect for the project as it offered high sealing efficiency, a very low U-value and a discreet frame with a specially developed slide catch that allowed shutters to fully close. The house now has air tightness close to 1 air change per hour at test pressure which demonstrates that the secondary glazing is performing well. Part of the building had to be occupied before the secondary glazing was fitted. As a result, the owner experienced the change in comfort levels offered by the original window and with the secondary glazing in place. The difference was remarkable and what was also evident was the almost complete removal of road noise. This had not originally been regarded as a significant problem but the absence of noise certainly added to the comfort. Monitoring tests will now assess the efficiency of the scheme but meanwhile there has been a transformation that provides a modern comfortable home environment within an historic building. With over fifty years’ experience and a Royal Warrant, Selectaglaze has a wealth of experience working on all building types. Selectaglaze will be showcasing a variety of secondary glazing products at EcoBuild 2018 in Excel, London at Stand C84. SLIMLINE UNITS FIND SUCCESS IN CONSERVATION AREAS » » COMBINING AUTHENTIC, heritage aesthetics with cutting- edge thermal performance, Slenderline Glass has established itself as the leading supplier of advanced slimline heritage units trusted by fabricators, installers and joiners across the country – including Kent-based Benchmark Joinery (South East) Ltd. Operating across Kent and East Sussex, Benchmark Joinery specialises in everything from windows and doors to staircases and furniture. The accurate design of Slenderline’s traditional units means Benchmark regularly completes restoration and replication projects within the region’s stringent conservation areas. “We have developed a strong relationship with Andy and the team, as two family-run businesses built on similar ethics and quality craftsmanship,” comments Adr ֗F6VF&V7F"b&V6&W'6WFV7B( FW7WǒBfBw&VB&GV7BG&FFv'WBW6rFW&WFG2BvFFW&VƗGvRǒW6R6VFW&ƖRBR66W"f"W"vrVVG0&V6W6RbFR667FVFǒvWfV2bVƗGB6W'f6R( Ю( vRv&ǒ66W'fF&V2BF&VvVV&W2g&6G&7F'2@FRG&FF2vFFPFW&FW&Vff6V77&VFW0&Vǒ7G&r6VƖrBf"W2FRFV2w&VBvVFvR`FR&GV7BBFR6V7F"@v26GV7G2FV6VfW2&fW76Bg&VFǒW"vR&V6VBFVBFW&V6VBW26B2w&V@'FW'6( Фf&RgV&vR`6W2FF6G&FF&V&FR6VFW&ƖR&fFW2Gf6VB6ƖƖRVBf"琦W&FvRvFr6VFW&ƖP6WfW2G2FW&FFW&VƗFW2F&Vvv&VFvPFV6wBVFW"&v 'Fv2v7B7FWF0FW6v67W&FVǒF6W2FPFV62BFWF2bG&FF6VVBVB( ėN( 2fF7F2F6VR6VFW&ƖPVFrFRvFR6V7F"&fFr'W6W76W2ƖP&V6&vFVVRvVƗG&GV7BFB6আVFVvWr'W6W72( ЦFG2G66W"F&V7F"@6VFW&ƖRv72( ėN( 2w&V@fƖFFFV"6FfPfVVF&6g&W"7W7FW'2( Чwwr6VFW&ƖVv726Ф2R%bRrR2 +dR"# +c