Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 46

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS A flush sash for every budget » » THE GLAZERITE UK GROUP HAS become one of very few fabricators to offer a choice of three flush sash systems, with the addition of the acclaimed Residence 7 system from the Residence Collection alongside its existing Residence 9 and Halo flush sash choices. The R7 is more than just a price- competitive companion to the original and well-established R9 – its slimmer 75mm front- to-back profile means it is quicker and easier to install in most retrofit settings without having to cut back the plaster. The slimmed-down size doesn’t mean compromising on thermal, acoustic and security spec however, with its seven-chamber construction more than matching rival systems and achieving WER up to A+ and a Passivhaus-standard U-Value of 0.8 W/m²K. Glazerite is not only one of very few national fabricators to offer three flush sash options but is believed to be the only one with the R9, R7 and Halo variants. The R7 flush sash from Glazerite is available in a palette of 14 colours as well as five separate bead options – 28mm Decorative, Staff and Square and 44mm Decorative and Square. Frames can also be supplied unglazed to give installers more glazing choices. DOOR INSTALLATION GIVES KERB APPEAL » » THE HIGHLY-ACCLAIMED Modo composite door range from Apeer has been used in a home renovation project in Broughshane, Co. Antrim. Apeer’s Ryan Burnett was looking to replace the old single glazed door on his property with not only a highly secure and efficient replacement, but also a door that could be completely personalised to suit the external look of the property. As part of the IT team on the Apeer FIT Show stand at the NEC in Birmingham last year, Ryan was able to see firsthand the latest offerings on the Modo composite door collection, which featured alongside the company’s frameless Lumi range: “The show gave me the chance to see the colour options, furniture and glass designs available, and how through a combination of these, I could make a door that was personal to me and would suit the needs of me and my family. Ryan added: “We absolutely love the finished door and always get positive comments from people visiting the house, including the postman!” Modo is a design-led collection of composite doors, designed and manufactured at Apeer’s state-of-the- art production facility in Ballymena, Northern Ireland alongside the Lumi windows and door collection. WHAT’S NEEDED IN A CONSERVATION AREA HOME » » PROFILE 22 INSTALLER MAX GLASS recently demonstrated the benefits of the Optima system when it completed an installation in a property in a woodland conservatio \XHX\YY˂H\Hۙ\\XYX^\][[\\[[[K^B[Y[\ݙHH\X[YXY[HقZ\ۙKXZ[\H] \H\Xx&\™\]HX[Y\ۙ\YY ]\\[X[][H\X[Y[[8$[Y[H XYYY8$\X]YHܚY[[\Yۜ˂]\H[[HHX[H]X^\\Y[ZHۈX]\HH\[B 0P N0PTHHHR BY\][ۈ[\[[]\Y\&BYY[H[[H^HZ[HXY]BZ\^X][ۜ˂X^\&\[ݘ]]H][ۈ\ZHH ܚY[[XYYY[]B[H\ܙY[[\[]YH^\˜][\]YH\Y[[Yܙ \B\H[Y]Y\X[Y[[˂[[ X^\\XY H\[Y[[YH^H[[ۙB\]H܋HڙX[[ۜ]\H[[^\\HوX^\[H^X[]H[[ݘ][ۈ[ٚ[H &\]\ ][[“[XH\[H8$]8&\H\X\\\ ˜ٚ[L˝Z