Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 32

DIRECTOROFTHEMONTH Start early, finish late - and be lucky In the second of our new series about influential directors, we hear about the importance of being happy at work from Emma Wells at Jackloc, the company behind the life-saving cable restrictor. Work can be in the office, at a customer’s or supplier’s, exhibition/conference or travelling abroad to meet a distributor. No week is ever the same and this variety makes it interesting. WHAT IS YOUR WORKSPACE LIKE? Our offices are in a lovely rural location, set in traditional converted barns on a farm near to where I grew up. It’s an open plan office and has an onsite café and meeting rooms. We all work closely together, which creates a lovely working environment. NAME/JOB TITLE Emma Wells, Founder and Director, The Jackloc® Company Ltd. WHEN DID YOU START THE COMPANY? Jackloc was founded in 2003, so this year we will be celebrating our 15th anniversary. My father, Derek Horne, created the original Jackloc cable restrictor after speaking to a hotelier who had a child come perilously close to falling from a window. Recognising the lifesaving potential of the product, he presented his innovation to myself and my sisters with the intention that we would turn it into a business. The rest is history! DESCRIBE YOUR WORKING DAY. I wake at 5am with the alarm clock bursting into life. Changed and at the gym with a smoothie in hand for 6am. After an hour workout with my personal trainer, I am back at home, showered and having breakfast with my family. I then begin ѡ)͠ѡ͍ոѡхѡ)չɝ٥ɅȀԁѕ́ѡ)ɹѼݽɬ(ȃ  0IY$\U, <4)]!P%LQ!%IMPQ!%9)e=T<]!8e=TP)Q