Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 28

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS AWARD WIN MAKES MORLEY A TRIPLE THREAT Morley Glass & Glazing has been named as the UK fenestration industry’s best IGU manufacture in the fifth annual National Fenestration Awards. » » THE BUSINESS FOUGHT OFF STIFF competition from seven other companies in the category, which was sponsored by Edgetech (UK) Ltd. The victory ends an award-winning year for Morley Glass and its MD Ian Short, with 2017 going down in the company’s history as one of unmitigated success. July saw Ian honoured for his contributions to charity and the community this month as he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship from The Rotary Foundation in recognition of his significant support for its work. Three months later, he lifted the glitterball trophy at the Variety Strictly Ballroom charity competition for his sleek samba skills, raising more than £14k in the process. Launched in 2013, the open platform National Fenestration Awards are run and decided completely by the participation of the industry. Instead of judges and panels, winners are chosen by the public. Winners of the awards will be invited Ѽ])ٕЁ䁅݅ɑ́ɝ͕́ѡ9܁eȸ)5%0 5A%89IQL%9 I% 1IMU1QL+ =9=Q!U/eL=I5=MP)ՙɕ́ͱɥх͕)չ̰Mɱ̰͕́хѥ)əɵɽѡȁɭѥ)Ʌѕ䃊Lͥѕ)%ͥЁф)Mɱݡ́Ёѡ)-е͕( ȁɽ͕)م͕չ́ȁɥх)͠ͅݥ̸Qɴɍ́ݥѠ)%ͥЁфѼɽєѡȁձɅ)͕չ́ȁɅѥɕѕ́ѡɽ՝)幅ݕəհ̸+q]ѹɕݥѠ%ͥЁф)Ѽхȁͱչ́ѼݥȰ)ѥݥՑݔeЁٔѡ)Ս̳t́ Ȱɕѽ)ЁMɱ̸qɭѥ)ɅѕչمѕɕЁȁɽՍ)Ʌɕ䁡Ʌ͔݅ɕ́ѡ)MɱɅݡ́ᅍѱݡЁݔ)݅ѕt)%ͥЁфɔѡé)ɽ٥ȁɭЁѕɽ)ф䁙ȁѡɅѥ)Սѥɥ̸ ѥх͔)ٕȀѕѥѽ̰%ͥӊe)͔ɭѥѕݽɭ́ݥѠ)͕ͥ́ɽ́ѡѼ)̰ѕ́́ͅɕЁ)́Ցͱѕ̰́)ٕѥ̸͕)ܹͥёфլ) =d5AA%95% I<1 ) -P)Q́܁Ёх́ݽɭЁ)́ͥєѼݡ܁ٕ+ %QLY9 )ݽɭݕȁɽ)ɕэɼɥ)ݥѠم䵵)ͥ)]ɴЁ᥉)ѡЁ́ɽ)ե她a%Odم)%ձѥMѕѕɥ)ݡ́չѥ)́݅ɴЁ(  0IY$\U, <4)ɵЁȁѕȁ͕)ɽѕѥ)QЁٕ́ѥٔ)ձѥݡɔ)ѕٕ́ѥѥȁ)ݡӊé]ӊe)ɔݥѠ́مѥٔɅ)Ѥȁɕѕե)她ɥӊeԁ)ɕ͠х))Ѽ̰́)́)ɕѡ䁅)͠ɥɵ́ȁɄ)ٕѥѥ́ɴ)Ёȁٕ)ȁȁɄ)݅ɵѠɽѕѥ)ܹ͹ݽɭݕȹլ