Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 24

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS The one supplier route Gareth Thomas, group sales director at Customade Group, talks to Clearview about how installers can advance by keeping things simple. elsewhere if their current supplier doesn’t offer the full spectrum of products or the service levels they need to prosper. We need to effect change to drive growth. ARE INSTALLERS AT RISK OF SUPPRESSING THEIR GROWTH BY SOURCING FROM MULTIPLE SUPPLIERS? Yes, I believe growth is being hampered for many installers because of how they source products. The number of installation firms has risen over the last three years, which is an encouraging sign. However, their longer-term growth is being stifled by outdated, multiple supply models, which make the process of sourcing products more complicated and fraught than it needs to be. This has ultimately left the installer with less control over their business and this has affected their efficiency and profitability. Precious time is wasted juggling multiple suppliers – time that could be spend on profitable business – and dozens of installers are walking away from work they should be taking on because they can’t source the right products at the right price point. HOW CAN WE DRIVE GROWTH? As an industry, we need to question how suppliers serve their customers and influence change in favour of the installer. It’s about revolutionising the supply chain to open up routes to more fenestration products for installers and it’s about tapping into the potential new sectors of the industry which are forecast to show growth. With rapid change and product innovation in the industry, I don’t think that any installer can afford to remain loyal to these complicated supply chains anymore. We need to get the message out there that installers can look 24 » F EB 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M WHAT WILL HELP INSTALLERS BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE AND PROFITABLE? Installers need greater control to manage their projects efficiently and more support to help them quickly tap into the growth areas when they emerge – this isn’t easy when you’re dealing with several suppliers. I believe installers will gain from a more ‘joined- up’ approach by co-ordinating everything through one supplier – the key is choosing the right partner because that will make a huge difference to their business. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF SINGLE SOURCE SUPPLY VERSUS MULTIPLE SUPPLIERS? With so many variables when dealing with multiple suppliers in the chain, it’s not often that you find an installer that’s happy with every element of the service they receive from every supplier, whether it’s PVCu or aluminium, windows, doors or conservatories. Installers are far more likely to succeed if they keep things simple. With just one supplier – one that’s established, reputable and, ideally, nationwide – installers have one easy route to a host of fenestration products, profiles, materials and price points that guarantee sustainable margins. This streamlined supply chain makes life easier for the installer, giving them more time to dedicate to their business and achieve higher profits. Using a single route for everything brings greater convenience, speed and consistently high service levels. As well as saving time, this approach allows installers to plan and manage their installations more efficiently and look ahead to the next project. And, with one dedicated sales contact who understands their individual needs, installers can expect greater levels of support and easier communication at every stage of their project. There are increased opportunities for long- term growth for installers too because they will have immediate access to products that they might not have used before. This is important because it means that they can explore fresh, new markets with confidence and protect their business during more volatile market conditions. It also enables installers to take on work they might previously have had to turn down because they didn’t have the right products in their portfolio. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR INSTALLERS CONSIDERING A SWITCH? The prospect of moving over to one single supplier can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a given that a supplier needs to show a strong track record along the entire length of supply chain, but they also need to be loyal and committed to help their customers grow. Customade Group is committed to making this the year of the installer and we’ve launched a package that delivers exactly what they need. Bringing together some of the UK’s best-known fenestration br ́Ѽ͕́)ӊéѡձѥєͽѥȁх)ݡ݅ЁѼЁѡȁɽՍѥ٥䁅ɥٔ)ɽѠ役)QЁɔ ѽɽ(̀Ёȁ٥ͥЁѡѽɽ)լ