Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 2

Roto TSL 20 The TSL 20, from Roto is a twin cam security locking system designed for PVCu outward opening windows. The espagnolette lock is designed to the high-standards to provide the ultimate in security and reliability. TSL 20 is tested in accordance to PAS 24:2012 Annex C, and uses Roto’s unique Roto Sil Nano surface covering to give optimum, corrosion performance. The Roto TSL 20 has been designed to add value, by offering an increased application range to many popular PVCu profile systems. Up to 4 pairs of reverse-action locking points Enhances security, meets performance demands, adds value Unique branded surface finish Scratch resistant, excellent corrosion protection, aesthetically pleasing Compact product design Multiple eurogrooves application, high profile match suitability Faceplate and Backset size indicators Ease of identification, faster alignment Visit Roto’s web shop