Clearview National February 2018 - Issue 195 - Page 18

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Awards propel offsite construction The Offsite Construction Awards 2018 are due to be presented at a drinks and canapé reception on 6 March, 2018, at Ecobuild, ExCeL, London. » » THE CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES was in January, and a high calibre of industry leading companies and inspiring projects was expected to enter the 21 different categories. They are: Best use of Concrete, Best Use of Steel, Best Use of Timber, Best Use of Hybrid Technology, Best Use of Volumetric Technology, Best Use of Pod Technology, Best Use of MEP Prefabrication, Housing Project of the Year, Commercial Project of the Year, ‘leading to an abundance of fresh prospects for each company’ Retail & Leisure Project of the Year, Education Project of the Year, Healthcare Project of the Year, Infrastructure Project of the Year Product Innovation Award, Offsite Pioneer of the Year, Project Manager of the Year, Installer of the Year, Engineer of the Year, Architect of the Year, Contractor of the Year and Client of the Year. Earning ‘Highly Commended’ or winning an award will earn entrants’ recognition within the offsite community, leading to an abundance of fresh prospects for each company. LOOKING TO EXPAND YOUR COMMERCIAL CUSTOMER BASE? » » IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO secure more commercial contracts, it’s vital to partner with the right systems partner. And Spectus has all the credentials you need. Its innovative, class leading window, door and curtain walling solutions have been installed in thousands of new build and refurbishment properties in the public and commercial sectors including homes, schools, hospitals, offices and industrial units. It works with local authorities and private registered providers including ALMOs, housing associations, house builders and contractors. Spectus is a leading commercial supplier because of the quality of its products and the quality of its support. Its products are at the cutting edge while also offering strong aesthetic and practical benefits. What’s more, from manufacturing and lifecycle optimisation to maximising thermal efficiency, it continuously strives to exceed current environmental requirements, which means it’s helping commercial organisations to meet their own targets. The brand’s Approved Commercial Manufacturer’s scheme supports fabricators working in the commercial sector. Members are guided through all the required standards, including constructionline/EXOR and relevant quality accreditation, and are supported with training, full literature and continuous personal development seminars to keep them up to date with all the best practice techniques. RELAUNCHED SECURITY GLAZING PUBLICATIONS The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has relaunched two updated security glazing leaflets. » » THE REVISED ‘La Z[]Y\ΈY]H[X\]x&H[8&Y[Y\΂Y]H[[8&HXY]˜\H]Z[XHۛYYHHHшX]H[[YY\[H\\YۈHш \H]H]\Yۜ[Y\XY]\H\YۙY]BY[ۙ\\XۛYBوH\[[Y[Z\Y\˂XX\H]\]Z[›وH[\K\X][KY[Y[[Z[]Y\œ[H[[Y XXYZHшXZ]\›X[H]Y\Y\HY[ۙ\œ\]Y\[[ܛX][ۈۈ˜\\Z[H\Hو\[[Y[Z\YKH]\YXY]ŒN0P N0PTHHHR B]H^[\\وX\[܈[][ܛX][ۂHX\[[۝Z[H[X[[Y[Y[\H\Yۈ[\YZ[B[ܛX][ۈ[XYHݚYYHXZ[Hܙ[\XX[ ][^[\BX\[\[\\][HY\[\H]\\[ۜ˂&ۛYYx&B˙ًܙ˝Z