Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 8

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Councils cannot afford fire safety upgrades The Local Government Association has said that local councils cannot afford the substantial fire-safety upgrades to social housing recommended in the wake of the Grenfell fire. » » WITH SOME LOCAL authorities at risk of technical insolvency following swingeing budget cuts, they have now been instructed by the government to implement multimillion-pound changes. Communities secretary Sajid Javid has told councils that the government will provide no extra funding for expensive measures such as the installation of sprinklers and replacement of unsafe cladding and insulation on tower blocks. The mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, told the Economist in January that even if he closed all 19 libraries and nine sports centres in the city, abandoned maintenance of its 140 parks, halted all road repairs and street cleaning and switched off 50,000 streetlights, he would be still £22m short of the savings imposed by budget cuts planned by 2020. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) reportedly sent a letter to local authorities in July saying that “our expectation is that, as a building owner responsible for your tenants, you will fund measures designed to make a building fire safe, and will draw on your existing resources to do so.” *33U"4T46R6V62fRW7FFV@FR67G2FFFfW&vR`&VB *33W"6V6FR6vfW&V@766Fv6&W&W6VG0&RFCVvƗ6@vV66WF&FW277VV@7FFVVB6s( ėB26V FBFR7W'&VB'VFp&VwVF77FV2fVBगB266V"FB6V606Bff&BF6''WBF0v&6&6'W&6"`FRt( 26fW"B7G&vW 6VFW2&&B6BFPvfW&VB6VBVWB( VW@FRW6WF67BF6V60b&VfrB&W6p6FFrB7VFvЧ&6R&62( ХvFFRvfW&VB&VpVfǒ7&F66VBf"VvV7Fpf&R6fWG( 26VFrpW6r֖7FW'26B&W'BW&vr7FfW"vЧ&6R&62( 2fBBV6`FR&R7V&VǒBFRfVW@b6WF&FW27VV6BVǒ( 7VrF7W'ff'2VRFR66VGBVRFvW"&60&VBFR6VG'RFp2'VFFǒ6V"( B6vfW&VB2f6r֖p7&62bG'W7B( R6BFRD4r26C( v^( fP&VV6V"vF6V62@W6r766F2FBvPWV7BFVFFvFWfW 6f&R6W'f6W2BWW'G062V6W76'FP&W6FVF'VFw26fR( vRvV7W&RFBvW&P6f&R6W'f6W2fRGf6V@v&2&RW76VFFV7W&PFRf&R6fWGb'VFr7W'&VB&W7G&7F2FRW6Pbf6&W6W&6W2v@&WfVBFVvrVB( У +DT2#r +4T%dRrT2ХW"vFগ2FRǐƖ֗FFvFfW"3bV'2b'&F6Vf7GW&rW&FvRBWW'F6PB26fRF6FB&V2FB&Rf&W'VW'2FRV֖VVGW7G'+ +5U5DU%24&VVfBg&7vgBVBFW0B&VGV7FWV6PGVRFVff6VBֆW6P&GV7FFB&VƖW2W&WG6W&6rvrF&V7F"'&R6V6VG0( vR&R&VBbW Vf7GW&rffW&w2vP&7BW"vv7266W"7WGFr6W2@vFW"6Frf6ƗFW2FW6RFW&f6ƗFW2V7W&PvR6&fFRFR7W7FW ( V&W2PFFW6v&GV7BF@VWG2W"W7@7V6f6F>( vF&BGW&&VB&FW'2( Ф&WFƗ6RFV WW'F6RFRf'&6F`V֖VV2F7&VFP&6FV7GW&f7VV2f &W6FVFB6W&6F"Ɩ6F2ॖW"vF0FRǒƖ֗FFvF6WFVǒ&W7R6W'f6PFBV&W2RFFW6v&GV7BFBVWG2W"W7@7V6f6F266Rg&ЧFW6G2b6W"60Bf6W2BfVV6V7W&PvF66Rb&Vf&6VV@F2ॖR6&R7W&RFBvV66r&^( &P7V&rWV6FR@VƗG&GV7Bwwr&V26