Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 78

HARDWARE Retro Refit Strengthened » » CARL F GROUPCO HAS ADDED THE Conexis L1 – a Smart Keyless Locking Handle, to its SmartSecure range of electronic door locking and Smart access control solutions. Ideally suited for retrofit installations, the addition to the company’s portfolio enhances its range of Smart options and increases its Smart Tech offer. New markets for SmartSecure are opened up as any 92mm PZ door lock can easily be upgraded to incorporate the system, whether this is a retrofit or new door. The Conexis L1 joins the SmartSecure brand’s established FUHR multitronic 881 lock technology and access control options, which include the sensor based ‘SmartTouch comfort’ and radio based access control solutions. All SmartSecure variants are designed to be easy-to-fit and the Conexis L1, which can be fitted in just 20 minutes using a screwdriver and Smartphone, is engineered for ease of installation. Carl F Groupco is confident that the system will support Smart Tech take up. The Conexis L1 allows operation of the door lock through a number of access control methods including key cards, key tags, phone tags and an app. Technical support is seen as Carl F Groupco’s key strength in supporting the Conexis L1. TS008 UNICORN LETTERPLATE VIDEO Earlier this year, leading hardware manufacturer, the Trojan Group launched one of the industry’s very few Document Q compliant letterplates. » » MANUFACTURED FROM Stainless Steel for ultimate corrosion resistance, the TS008 Unicorn Letterplate meets the exacting requirements of TS008 which means it can be used on doorsets that need to comply with the requirements of PAS24: 2016 or Document Q of Building Regulations. To help potential customers, discover for themselves the importance of the new high security TS008 Unicorn Letterplate, Trojan have commissioned a short 90 second video that demonstrates the anti- fishing properties of the product compared with a