Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 74

HARDWARE Bespoke Shootbolt developed Kenrick has created a bespoke multipoint window locking system for Garrard Windows - one of the UK’s largest trade fabricators. » » DEVELOPED IN response to growing homeowner demand for enhanced security products, the new locking system incorporates a unique heavy-duty shootbolt, which is twice as thick as a standard shootbolt. The Excalibur Heavy Duty Shootbolt, which is totally exclusive to Garrard Windows, is Secured by Design approved and one of the most secure multi point window locking systems in its class. Every one of the 3,000 windows that Garrard Windows fabricates from Liniar profile each week is equipped with a Kenrick system and the majority are now fitted with this new shootbolt. MYTHS ABOUT LOCKS EXTINGUISHED BY LOCAL FIRE CREW The fitter-friendly shootbolt features a robust unhanded die- cast gearbox and bi-directional die-cast claws to ensure it provides exceptional security and reliability. The centre keep of the claws has been branded with Garrard Windows’ ‘Vevo’ logo. As well as the newly developed heavy-duty system, Kenrick also supplies its Centurion four-point locking system and Excalibur multipoint locking system. Kenrick brands the cover plate of the Centurion gearbox and Excalibur’s keeps with Garrard Windows’ ‘Vevo’ logo. » » POLYFRAME Livingston teamed up with its local fire crew to deliver some potentially life-saving training on identifying door locks that can be breached quickly. The Green Watch crew from Livingston Fire Station visited Polyframe’s 50,000-square foot site in Livingston where the Polyframe team was on hand to share its expert knowledge on the three most common door locks that the firefighters would face during a call-out and how they could tackle them in an emergency. Green Watch then set about breaking into the locks and found that they could only break one of them with the readily available tools. Martin Linden, managing director of Polyframe, Livingston, explains: “We all know that seconds count in a fire, literally making the difference between life and death, so this was an important exercise for the crew. We examined the different locks and talked about the common techniques used to snap the cylinder. The crew could not break some of the higher security locks. “If they were to face those locks in an emergency, they would eventually have to cut through the door or break it down to gain entry – which obviously costs valuable time.” 55-YEAR PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATED » » A 55 YEAR PARTNERSHIP IS celebrated by hardware distributor Carl F Groupco and renowned German lock manufacturer, FUHR. The company, then Groupco, was the original distributor of FUHR products in the UK and, after significant growth, Carl F Groupco is now FUHR’s largest single customer worldwide. The collaboration between the two companies dates back to 1962 and, from the earliest days, FUHR’s extensive range of locking solutions have been flagship lines in the Carl F Groupco catalogue. Six FUHR products are currently featured in Carl F Groupco’s top 10 best seller list. 74 » DEC 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M FUHR’s Managing Director and owner, Andreas Fuhr said: “We value our relationship with Carl F Groupco extremely highly. The strength of the partnership comes from our shared values and history – we look forward to continuing to work with the team to supply our traditional markets and expand into new sectors.” An extensive range of FUHR products is offered by Carl F Groupco including hardware that caters for all major aluminium systems. The FUHR multitronic fully motorised multipoint lock plays a pivotal role in Carl F Groupco’s pioneering SmartSecure electronic door locking and Smart access control brand. ‘The strength of the partnership comes from our shared values and history’