Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 69

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS Reduced Sightline IGU Issue Addressed » » FOLLOWING RECENT NEWS coverage regarding the manufacture and compliance of some reduced sightline insulating glass units, the GGF has addressed the issue from a technical and GGF policy perspec tive. If we find that a member is operating outside of the GGF Rules because of other authorities’ failings then it is the GGF’s duty to both guide that member and address the root cause that is putting that member under pressure to act in a way that takes them outside of the GGF Rules. Reduced sightline units is an area that is simply not a case of black or white. Break the GGF Rules for your own advantage without cause then you are expelled. We must uphold the highest standards for the sake of the GGF and its members. But if a member is part of a supply chain that puts pressure on them to supply or fit products that may breach standards then the GGF must do two things: 1. Give definitive technical and legal advice to member - we have done that in this case. 2. Highlight to other parties that unless they uphold the same standards then inevitably this will isolate our members and make them vulnerable. Architects, planning authorities, heritage groups, Chartered Trading Standards Institute all have a part to play to address an issue that affects us all. The GGF has referred one manufacturer to Trading Standards and although they will not confirm whether or not they have investigated and given they are still trading the same products, it can only be assumed that Trading Standards have yet to deal with the case. The GGF has recently published a new guidance document; Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) - Conforming to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). publication/insulating_glass_units_igus_ conforming_to_the_construction_products_ regulation_cpr We believe being Cornish is a mind-set. It’s about doing things proper, like jam first! When we’re not riding waves and singing sea shanties, we’re into glass. With 15 manufacturing and distribution hubs from Penzance to London, and some of the UK’s most technically advanced glass processing facilities, Cornwall is closer than you think. Architectural glass • Multi-laminate glass • Glass toughening Sealed units – including over-sized IGUs • Acoustic glass CNC machining • Water jet cutting The people behind the Glass 01726 66325 C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » D E C 2017 » 69