Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 66

GLASS&SEALEDUNITS THE BENEFITS OF TRIPLE GLAZING ARE OVERLOOKED BY MOST HOMEOWNERS » » DESPITE ITS POPULARITY IN mainland Europe, triple glazing is still not on the radar for many UK homeowners. This is the view of the Managing Director of Improveasy – a company that offers customers financial solutions to fund home improvements through its approved installers. The use of finance arrangements by homeowners has grown hugely in the last few years but Austin says that data from his customers shows that, regardless of its benefits, triple glazing is failing to gain traction. Triple glazed windows are hugely popular in Scandinavian countries where the climate is very cold they and are reported to offer good soundproofing against noisy neighbourhoods, enhanced security, and improved insulation. Companies that become Appointed Representatives (AR) will appear on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register; and can then begin offering finance options, under the Improveasy brand. Installers can also offer the finance options under their own company brand and Austin says he is seeing an increase in the number of homeowners who are using finance to part fund larger investments such as conservatories. COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS STRENGTHENED » » MORLEY GLASS & GLAZING HAS this month unveiled its new and updated website, allowing the business to step up its commitment to customer support and reinforce its reputation as a company that puts its customers’ needs first. The latest addition to the business’s enhanced support, the website www. includes a ‘members area’ with access to a number of new training videos. The videos will enhance the company’s service offer by giving its customers instant access to guidance whenever it is required. In line with the company’s commitment to raising standards in the industry, improving customer service and ensuring end-user satisfaction, Morley already delivers training programmes for the installation of motorised integral blinds across the UK. Last year, its two service engineers celebrated the completion of their 500th programme. As well as this, Morley Glass has invested in a new customer website, which integral blinds retailers can use to help consumers make an informed choice. Found at www., the new website is easy to understand and full of useful information, with sections for integral blinds, glass, inspiration and colours. ‘customers’ needs first’ Glass meets Golf just an energetic ‘drive’ away from the 18 hole, par 67, 5,339 yard Parkland Course, Cornwall Glass has grown to include 15 businesses, as far north as Bristol and along the M4 corridor. » » CORNWALL GLASS HAS HOSTED ITS annual golf day, teeing off with customers and industry par \܈H[]\X[Y\HX[[Z[H\[\]BZ][\ ^[[\[ NM 0P M0PTHHHR B&H\]][ۈ\™Y\H][^\Y[x&x&Bܚ[Xܛ]Z[ YK\]X\[[[Y\X[Xܜ]ٙ\[^[]B[HوX[\X\[Y[QBX[YX\K[Z[]H[][K[[Z[]B\X\X\X]Z[[X][[[]\]][Ӑܚ[[ X\[[Xܘ]]H\œX˂]8&\^H\[XXYX\\H[[B]\Y\[\Y\˂X\ܘYK\X܋ܛ[\ZY8'H^H\X]^Z[[[H\\Y\[\Y\™܈Z\۝[Z[\ܝ \[^\B\]][ۈ\Y\H][^\Y[H[][HX]\\ۈ\YHx'B˘ܛ[\˘˝Z