Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 62

PROFILESYSTEMS Passivhaus Profile Passive standards are meeting the needs for ‘nearly zero energy’ buildings, which applies to new public buildings in the European Union by 2018 and by 2020 for all new constructions. » » RISING FUEL COSTS AND A VITAL need to control the impact we have on the environment both mean that energy efficiency has never been more important than it is right now. With the Brexit decision made and the long process of ‘divorcing’ Europe now underway, we have to ensure that the products we produce in the UK meet the energy efficient requirements of any potential trading partners in the near future. ENERGY EFFICIENT LINIAR As one of the most modern and technically advanced window systems on the market, the Liniar range has always been designed with energy efficiency very much a key factor. When launched in 2008, a Liniar double glazed window was capable of achieving an impressive A+ WER, or U-values of 1.2 W/ m²K, with 0.8 for a triple glazed unit. Liniar followed this up by designing the 6-chambered EnergyPlus range, which reached a WER of A++ with ease. INCREASING POPULARITY Interest in the Passive House standard is becoming increasingly popular globally in view of the consumption of resources in industrialised countries and the need to contain global warming. PASSIVE HOUSE 90MM SYSTEM Never a company to stand still, Liniar launched EnergyPlus90 at this year’s FIT Show – a 90mm window and door system that has been designed to meet the triple challenges of thermal efficiency, noise reduction and security, while still maintaining the appearance and operation of a 70mm system. The 9-chamber profile complies with Passive House thermal efficiency – achieving U-values as low as 0.7 W/m²K with triple glazing, 0.5 when quadruple glazed and a WER as high as A+40. Weather test results saw a full-sized EnergyPlus90 window surpassing 3000Pa (155mph) during safety tests. IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENTS EnergyPlus90 provides an exceptional option for commercial developers with an Rw of 42 – more than double the audible sound reduction of a standard double glazed u ] HXۙ][ۜوT̍ M]B[Y[Y] XZ[H[\T\L[[H\X[]\HZ[[œY[][ۜ[ \H\[ XY][X\YH\YۈXܙY]][ۋ˛[X\˝Z‘UTSRTTHTUTT0THTшUUH˜۝[[\H[\ݙH]\[\]\[$HR&\XY[X[YX\\\X]܂[XX\وUH[܋ۜ\]ܞH[ٛ[HX8$š\[XYH]UH\܈]]\Z[Y\Y[ݛܜ]ٙ\\\[[\]]B[[Z[][H][][\H[[[\ݙBYܝ \\\\\[܈[[Z[][B\]Z][[X]\H]YX\Y[˜[\[ܙH\X[HYXY[ \[BUH\[\ݙ\HK][YBHYH HL\[[ۈB[H[XYX][ۈوH܋]0P M0PTHHHR B[\^K\[BUH\[H[\H][وH܈B\ۙH[\H[ ݙ\HBB[[Z[][H\]Z][[ \\\[\Y[YH΂]\[\\YۙY]]][B[[ݙY[\XY]][[ݚ[BH܈Y[XYY [H\Y H[T ۈ\Y[X[[[ܜH\\Y\]\HوHZ[[”Y[][ۜ X\[\HوZ[[KXݙ\\XYX\[[[Y\]H]HXHوXYX[\BH\[K˙]\[ ˝Z