Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 58

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS NEW MARKETING LITERATURE LAUNCHED ENVISAGE THIS! » » UK FABRICATOR CONSERVATORY Outlet has officially launched its new flush casement window – Envisage - to its exclusive Network of retail partners. From October 2017, the Envisage window will be manufactured within the 60,000 sq ft Wakefield based plant and is a welcome addition to Conservatory Outlet’s collection of superior home improvement products; allowing its network of retail partners to offer a stylish, modern twist on the traditional ‘timber-look’ flush frame. The Envisage flush casement window boasts simple, clean lines, authentic proportions and with opening lights that do not stand proud of the frame; whilst also exceeding the exceptional performance, security and insulation demands of the 21st century. The new addition is available in a range of both traditional and contemporary colours including Olive Grey (exclusive to Conservatory Outlet retail partners), and hardware to suit any style of property. Capable of achieving a WER of A+ and U-Value of 1.2., Envisage also boasts the Conservatory Outlet 8'X\H]8'H[œ\[H܈[[X]HX\]KXۛX]H[[وH[܂[\[]XH[ ۜ\]ܞH]]Z[\H۝[[\œY[وYX\[ۈYX\ܛ []X]\›]Xو]X\][ݘ]]H[ܛ[Xܝ[˂˘ۜ\]ܞ[]] ˝ZN0P M0PTHHHR B0ӔSQTUTUHTTš\][YH]Z]HوX\][›]\]\K]\\\HYHXZYKH]Z[\H[]Z[ Y\Y›X]\X[ HYH\HYYB[[\X[][ۈو]\][šY[ۙ\\H[܈[ܘ\Y\[H[H^Hۛ[\ ][ۜY\\8&\X\HوXX][ۋ\][]H[^X[]K\H\HX[ۜ›ۈ\8&\\[Y[[[[\[[ܜ\[\[ܛX][ۂۈH\H^[[ۜ\[ۜ˜[[\ۛY[[ ]X[]H[X\]BXܙY]][ۜ˂H]Z[\HYY\8&\˜X[]HXZHH\HHYK\[ۂHYܝ ]X[]H[X\]H]X›ٙ\][[\H[Y]وH\X[][ۈوHX\\[HوH][ۘ[[]H\ۘ[\XHوH[\[K\H\HX[ۜۈH[8&\[ܜ[ۜ\]ܚY\[[[[Y[\HX]]Y[HYYB]Y]X[]HY\[H[XY\H\YۙY[Y[ۙ\[XY[H\X[Y[YHZ\ۂY\˂[ۙYHH]Z[\H]H^Y\&\™ZYH]ݚY\[ܛX][ۈ[Y[ۙ\XZHHYX\[ۜ˂˜\[˘˝Z”][^H\\[0STӔHHԓS™[X[HY[ۙ\\XZ[\[XYY\܈\YUH[[ܜ]\[8$HR&\XY[X[YX\\\X]܈[XX\وUH[܋ۜ\]ܞH[ٛ[HX8$ٙ\™XX]ܜH][ܚ[^H\\[܈BYH[Hو[˂\Y\[HH HY\[\[[\\܈[H[܂܈\HXYHܙ\][KX\H[HۛYH]^H۸&]HXXHY][ۘ[YKH\]YZZ]]\X[HX\[Y\XYHܙ\ٚ[\˂H]Z[XH[]KH[\Z[]H[H[\K[BY[ۙ\܈[ ]\\HXHوY[\]\]\][[Z܋܈HوH[ܙH۝[\ܘ\HZ[] [[[\ܙ^\X\[X]K]K[[ۈ[^Hܙ^K[X]H[^Hܙ^H[Hܙ\Y]HܘZ[܈[[\[ۋ][H\HY[H]BܙY۝و\Yۈ[[[[X[YH\X\Y]ܞK[XZ˜[\[ܙY[܈Y\ق\[X[HXX۞H[X\ ˙]\[ ˝Z