Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 46

DOORS&WINDOWS Modular thinking We ask if the new Lift-and- Slide door from aluplast is a mid-market or high- end offer? And find out, that it’s in fact both! » » THERE’S LITTLE DOUBT THAT BMW is an exclusive brand. The car giant’s recent campaign for the new 7 Series, carried a definitive tag-line ‘Driving Luxury’. But it’s also a premium brand with a presence in the more crowded mid-market. Its other tag, ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, is a strap-line aimed firmly at the aspirations of aspirational achievers and executives. It sits comfortably across each sector, successfully segmenting audiences through a combination of product offer and targeted positioning. And that’s something that aluplast is also pursuing with its launch of its own mid-to-premium market offering, the new Lift- and-Slide door. “BMW successfully market the 7 Series as an exclusive offer to the luxury car market but that doesn’t stop it from being very successful in a mass market or stop it from having mass appeal. The 7 series is at one end of the range and the 1 Series at another”, says Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing, aluplast. He continues: “In between BMW builds in options and features but fundamentally it offers a high level of affordability at market entry for a highly-engineered product offering.” Cocken here, is not just extolling the virtues and benefits of another successful German global business, but draws a direct comparison between BMW’s offer and its own. “Ok it’s a very different product but we’re applying the same modular approach to the aluplast Lift- and-Slide as BMW has done across its ranges. “At an entry level, it’s exceptionally well- engineered but highly affordable and you can build from there to a premium offering”, he argues. Majoring on Passive Haus standard performance and its new aluskin aluminium external cladding option, aluplast unveiled its new Lift-and-Slide door earlier this year. With U-values as low as 0.65 W/m2K and capable 46 » DEC 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M of spanning openings of 6.5m X 2.8m with just two sashes, it delivers impressive design flexibility. This includes uninterrupted sightlines as standard and an ultra-low a new low-sightline option on the fixed sash of just 32mm, maximising the glazed area of the door. It also exploits proven technology. Sashes are mounted on an easy-lift mechanism that elevates when opened and lowers on to the track when closed. So, a fully closed-door rests over lower weather seals improving the door’s weather tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation. But its where it sits in the market and the potential that as a modular system, it can deliver, which will be of greatest interest to fabricators. “It can be manufactured as an entry-level system all the way up to a premium offering - and with manufacturing efficiency savings of up to 40% over competitor systems, the opportunities to build in margin are there all of the way”, continues Cocken. The aluplast Lift-and-Slide door comes in three primary configurations. This includes a standard PVC-U door to a premium offering fabricated to ultra-energy efficient options, accommodating glazing units of up to 52mm. The performance of the standard door can be further enhanced with the addition of a thermally efficient upper guide rail and extruded insulated profiles. “Thermal efficiency, its engineering and core performance are one thing but the Lift-and- Slide also offers impressive design flexibility”, says Cocken. The starting point for this are PVC-U foils. aluplast foils more than 1.2million metres of product each month. That means that it holds thousands of metres of coloured and woodgrain profiles in stock. These are available for ex-stock delivery within just days of orders. It also offers special foils in 15-days or less with no minimum order, no surcharge and no setting up charge on special colour orders. aluskin, aluplast’s highly innovative aluminium external fascia system, was launched by aluplast alongside its new Ideal 4000 contemporary SquareLine casement and Lift and Slide Door at this year’s FIT Show. It can be applied to either system without the requirement for major investment in machinery, giving its customers reach into rapidly growing aluminium markets. FACTBOX: ALUPLAST LIFT-AND- SLIDE DOOR AT A GLANCE: • Light touch easy-operate lift-and-slide opening and closing mechanism • Slim sightline modular 85mm system • Thermally broken aluminium optional threshold • Accommodates glazing units of up to 52mm • U-values as low as 0.65 W/m2K – a Passive Haus standard equivalent • Maximum width/height up to 6.5m X 2.8m • Maximum sash weight of up to 300kg