Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 4

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS FROMTHEEDITOR It is good to end the year on a positive note and the worthy winners of the G17 Awards are certainly on a high after their achievements were recognised by their peers, culminating in a fabulous, entertaining evening of celebration. We offer our congratulations to all the winners, and also to those who made it to the finals – full marks for effort in a highly competitive arena. Congratulations too, to the organisers and the whole team behind them who unfailingly put on such a fantastic event. The GGF marked its Jubilee Year in real style with impressive wins by members. » » IN HIS AUTUMN BUDGET, CHANCELLOR Phillip Hammond, gave the UK what he called a “balanced Autumn Budget” mixing deficit reduction, infrastructure investment and help to “households under pressure.” He pledged to build 300,000 new homes a year until the mid-2020s, committing £15.3 billion of additional funding in this budget, taking the total investment in housing to around £44 billion. The government will also create five new garden towns, in particular the ‘Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge growth corridor’. An enquiry into planning permissions and housing got under way immediately, aiming to deliver a report on housing, land access and planning permission before the Spring Statement next year. It will investigate if development companies are speculatively not building on land for commercial reasons, and if this is the case the Chancellor will create incentives to encourage construction to begin, and raised the possibility of forced government purchase if land is being withheld. Mr Hammond emphasised that housing development will focus on urban areas “where people want to live and where the jobs are”, making best use of urban land whilst protecting green belts, to build “high-quality, high-density homes, in city centres and near transport hubs.” All of which could be good news for this industry. Pat Gwynnette, Group Editor. 4 » DEC 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M GUILD JOINS LOCKEX LINE-UP » » LOCKEX 2018 IS delighted that th RwVB`&6FV7GW&&vW'0t2FRFW7BF7W'BG06V6B6r&6'V"FVB6W&WGW&2FFRvpfVVRb6fVG'( 2&6&Vg&VRFW&Rv&P&RF6VRFWfW"2FR6p2WFVBF6VFR6V7W&GBf&R6fWGFRGG&7F0v6&RWfVFW"2FPW&F6l:Bv&60vr&RFR( 0rvF7V67W'&6RRbF26vW2FRЦ6W6fR&666֗F0fVB&WB6W#b( 2vFW2G2ƖRg&VRV6g&VP&rB6fVVB6FPFVWfVBF&V7F"7FWfP6FV&GF6C( v^( &PV6VBFB7V6&W7FvW0&v6F2FRt07W'Fr6W#FPwVBv&RW&FrW Wrs"7V&RWG&RfƖ6v66rFV"VGV6FVƖf6F2( ХFRwVN( 2FVv07FW'6v&R6GV7Frg&VRG&r6V֖"vF5@G2f&RFFF6Wv7B7GVFVBv@f"FR7FGWFRb&6FV7GW&&vW'2֖FG0'&6FRf'7B6W6rv0g&b6WFV&W"#b6B6fVG'( 2&6&V&RFs#2VPGFVFVBfW"FRF&VRF2f6FrfW"W&F'2@Fr'Bcv&60g&VFr7WƖW'26W#2v'&Vv@FR'FR66֗FW&FRT( 2VFpGW7G'vRFRvP2F7G&'WFVBFFR7@67W&FRB6&VV6fP66֗FFF&6RFRT`fW"S66֗F2B2vFWvFFR66fR6V7W&GB&Gv&RGW7G'&"WWF&V7F"`66֗FW&6C( vF6V6V62FW6RF26V7W&GB6f&R6fWGvRfRr6'&FV@FW6R'FB7V7G2F6W#'WBvRvRfPvFVVBFR66RFR6&RbFR6r27FvBvP&R&WB( 2FR66֗FBWF66֗FGW7G'( Чwwr6W&rwwrv&rV