Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 32

Annual Review Building our skills Mick Clayton, Chief Executive Officer - GQA » » 2017 HAS BEEN AN INTERESTING year for the #BigGreenQ. The Government reform of Apprenticeships has impacted on the development and delivery of competence qualifications and training. Hopefully, we should all see the changes add real benefit for apprentices within our sectors during 2018. Our focus on development of skills through practical training opportunities will continue into 2018, alongside our review of occupational roles and updating of qualifications, ensuring that qualifications are current and reflective of what is going on in industry. We will also commit to making the Fenestration Industry an attractive career choice for youngsters and those looking for a new challenge, giving our backing to the ‘Building Our Skills’ campaign, an initiative launched to increase the profile of Fenestration amongst school-leavers and schools. More products for 2018 Steve Hacking, Operations Director - SupaLite » » SUPALITE’S PRIMARY AIM THIS throughout the year - offering tailored search programmes to deliver the exact type of employee the client w ́Ȱ)Ѽэѡȁٕ́ȁͥ)̸)Qݥٽٕ͕ٕɅ)ٕ䁕፥ѥ䁥ѥѥٕ́)ݡݥٕȁɕЁչѥ)ɕѥѼɅՅѥ̰)хɕѕѥ͔ɽе)ɕեѥ啅ȁ݅́Ѽٕ́ɕѥ͡ݥѠ)ѥ܁ѽ̰)ѡMєͽɽѕɔ)ͥѡɽ՝ЁѡU,)ɕ͔ݥѡȁ́ͅɍѼ)ɕѡɕѥ́͡ݕ́)ȁѽ́ɽѥȁ)ɽՍЁɅ́ѡɽ՝Ёѡ啅ȁٔ)́ѼٔȁՅхɝ́)̸)Qɽ՝ఁݔݥ)ȁѽȁɥݥѠѡչ)ɔ܁مѥٔɽՍ̰ݥ)ѽ́ѼѼɕɼ)́ݕ́܁եѥ́Ѽѡ)љ̸)]ݥͼѼѕ)ɽՍЁɅ́ЁѡȀɥ)ɔɽٕՙɕ̰)ɽՍȁɽՍЁɅ́Ѽѡ)Ёхɐ)ܹɕͽɍլܹѕɽլ)5Q<5Q 5A1=eL+ A IM=UI %9%I51d)х͕͡ɥ܁)ѡéɕեѵЁɕͽɍ)չ)Uͥѥ͕ٕ)ɽͥ́́́ѕɹձх̰A)Iͽɍɕ́չɥم)ݱѡ䰁ѕ)ɽͥ!HɕեѵЁ͕٥̸)Qéݱ)չхѡչՔͥ)ɕ́ѡ䰁Ѽ)ͽѡéЁɕݹ(ȃ  ܃ 0IY$\U, <