Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 27

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Embracing Change » » GAIN AN INSIGHT INTO LORRAINE Snell’s yearly review as she reflects on a year of hard work and outlines the bright future for Hallmark Panels in 2018 and beyond. WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY FOR WORKING IN SUCH A DEMANDING INDUSTRY? ‘Treat each day as it comes, with all the planning and best intentions in the world, challenges arise that require patience and perspective. I am not one to shy away from these challenges, instead, I embrace the diversity and look back at the end of the month with a huge sense of achievement.’ HOW DO YOU THINK YOU AND THE BUSINESS HAVE EVOLVED OVER THE PAST YEAR? ‘On a personal level my new role as Managing Director has taught me “it’s not all about me”. Managing change within the business has focused me on how important it is to invest your time in getting to know your team and ‘It’s not about my success – it’s about everyone and everything I serve’ by doing so, learn what they need to succeed. With customers, it’s about exceeding their expectations by making what you do an act of service. It’s not about my success – it’s about everyone and everything I serve. This ethos filters throughout the company and underpins our fundamental core business values.’ WHEN YOU REFLECT ON THE PAST YEAR, HOW DO YOU THINK HALLMARK PANELS WILL BE DEFINED IN 2017? ‘Hallmark Group Product’s 2017 will be defined by embracing a culture of change. We have worked hard to put the foundations in place to achieve our long-term aims. R&D will always be a priority that enables us to remain a leader in product innovation, staying current in the ever-changing industry landscape. We will continue to invest in people, systems and technologies that improve our services, productivity and efficiency. Achieving our long-term goals will help us further establish ourselves as a respected British manufacturing brand. The business’s success ripples out and contributes to a successful local economy, providing stability for current and future employees.’ WHAT DO YO RT5@$UBU"#( vBWfW'V&W"bFRFVF'WFW"6f6BfRFV'@FBFWFVw&&RG27V66W726VV7B'FW"66VRV6V@+ +T2T4TBE2d%5@WfW"6VV7B'FW"66VR7&VFrWGv&bƖR֖FVBf'&6F'2vvW&RVrFG&fRB7W'BFRW@7FvRT( 2VB7G&FVv2W6FW6R&R'W6W76W2vTfVV2fPFR6RWF2fVW2BG&fRf"6&V@w&wFFRV֖V&WBFWv&RvfVW6W6fR66W72FFR'&@WrV֖&V֗V&GV7B&vRg&ФTf"FRG&FRB&W6FVF&WB2vV2&VVfFrg&WFV6fR'W6W70FWfVVBB&WFr7W'BF26VFW2FR'&BWrV֖c &fBF"v62&VVvVW&Fr7V6VvRVBbFW&W7B66RBv2&WfWvV@BF2V.( 2dB6rBFR43Sb6ƖFpF"GVRWB6'FǒFRV֖6VV7B'FW"WGv&v2ff6V6VBFw&WbT( 0W7W7FW'2BFRVBb7F&W"BWfVBVBBFR6VF2"FVF0w&Wv66VFW2bFRT( 2&W7@vB7Bvǒ&Vv&FVBV֖VЦf'&6F'2WBFV"W2FFRV֖'FW'2VFvR&Vf&R&VrfFVBFT( 0V&'6W7Frf6ƗGFRWBFf"gV'&VfrFRc"FRV֖c"2FRF"v6T&VƖWfW2v6WBWr&V6&f"VƗGBW&f&6RFRV֖V&f@&WBG&FRB6W&67W7FW'2fP&VV6rf"FR&GV7B66RFRd@6r6Tw2FBFW&R2&VGVvRVBWFVB7VrgFW"FRV6'W76VFW2T( 2vrF&V7F"6C( bFP&GV7G2FRV֖&vRfR&VVFWfVVBFF&vWBFR&V֗V6V7F bFR&WBvW&RvRrFR&vvW7@'GVFW2vƖRFRV'2VB( ХFRV62FRV֖6VV7B'FW 66VR2FRv&B'FW'2FRV&W'0v&Rf'&6FrB6VƖrFR&GV7G2'WBTv&R7W'FrFVvF&W7R&WFr7W'BƖVBF&V7FǒFFRT'&BBvF6vf6BV@vVW&F6v2FW&Rv6&R&GV7BB'W6W70FWfVVBv&62FV667W'@&F6FRBBT( 2Wr6W7Fp6FVגB&VwV"&WBFVƖvV6P'&Vfw2wwrV6V2R%bRrR2 +BR2#r +#