Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 22

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS New website for Approved Commercial Installer Network » » TO MEET THE CONTINUED demand from commercial installers and developers looking to join the scheme, Astraseal has launched a brand-new, dedicated website for ACIN, their G17-nominated Approved Commercial Installer Network ( The new website allows would-be members to learn more about the scheme, which provides installers with high-value commercial contracts in their area, and offers developers a better way to complete their projects. ACIN provides its nationwide network of approved installers with commercial projects in their area worth between £50k and £500k. Astraseal liaise with the developer to complete all the preparation work for the tender and will introduce the installer to the client. All the installer must do now is add their installation costs, submit the tender and if successful, complete the project with the products supplied by Astraseal. For developers, the network is designed to offer a range of benefits to help streamline projects from specification through to delivery. Additionally, instead of relying on out-of-town installation firms and facing the logistical nightmare of hotel and travel costs, developers can work with a local team – fully approved and vetted by Astraseal. FOUR NFA SHORTLISINGS » » CELEBRATIONS HAVE BEEN TAKING place at Customade Group as it toasts being named finalist in an incredible four categories in the National Fenestration Awards. Four divisions within the group are up for gongs in the annual independent awards. Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions – the creator of the UK’s finest collection of glazed roof products – is finalist in the ‘Conservatory Roof Fabricator’ category, whilst leading composite door and PVCu door panel manufacturer Virtuoso has reached the shortlist in the ‘Composite and Panelled Doors category’. Polyframe – the UK’s largest fabricator of PVCu windows, doors and conservatories – has been named as finalist in the ‘Fabricator/ Manufacturer’ category and is the only fabricator on the shortlist to offer five PVCu systems. The industry defining aluminium brand REAL Aluminium is hoping to maintain its title of ‘Aluminium Company’ having won the award last year. The multiple nominations highlight the unmatched capabilities of the recently enhanced Customade Group, which merged with Polyframe earlier this year. The group’s product portfolio now spans across PVC-u and aluminium windows and doors, composite doors, aluminium glazed roof products, sealed glass units and specialist glazing. Roofing range proving popular » » TRADE COUNTER NETWORK National Plastics stocks one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of roofing products throughout their 32 nationwide depots. The stocked roof range includes Res-Tec’s GRP Roof 1010 System. The intelligently designed roof system is applied cold so there are none of the risks as X]Y]ܚ8$[ۙHوH[\[H™Z]\]8&\X\H[ܝ[Y۝HقX]\H\H\H\H܈X]HقX]\X[X[]]K][[H[[Y[[\\]\\\\ p܈\Y\Œ0YX[[]Y[[ٚ[ܚ˜XY\H\X]\Y\[[ 0P M0PTHHHR B[]Z[XH\[THX\ٚ[œ[HX\X\H[[ XXZ\š]Hۈ܈Y\[K]\\YY[܈X\Hو[[[[[][ۈ[]\\\[\[[Hو[Hݙ\YH]H[XY\]HTBX\Hݙ\\\H[YY[H[]ZXH\[ۛHHZ\[H][ۘ[\X&Hٚ[[H\\^[[YHH[KPXH\B\[H[ۙ][^[]H[Hو8&Y Bۜ&H[Y\]\܈H\]Hٚ[œ][ۋ˛][ۘ[\X˘˝Z