Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 20

7THINGS... Seven things you didn’t know about... Supalite is one of the UK’s leading providers of lightweight solid roofing systems. The Preston-based systems company, manufacture roofs in-house for approved installers and for trade customers, along with supplying its fabricators with profiles and components for manufacturing at their fabricators premises. 1. LEADING THE WAY Quality has always been at the heart of the Supalite organisation. So, ensuring its products get installed correctly to the highest of standards, is of utmost importance to the business. Working in partnership with JHAI limited, the specialist advisory and governance organisation which oversees building services among many sectors, Supalite provides its customers with access to information and training to ensure its roofing system is fitted by companies who have received the correct training. Supalite constantly campaigns to raise awareness in the industry, ensuring installers fully understand, and work to comply with, the requirements of fitting roof conversions to current building regulations. 2. EXCLUSIVITY As a leading manufacturer, Supalite offer its customers exclusive product ranges - for example; the Extralight tile, which was developed to give an authentic tile-like finish, in a variety of colours including: Charcoal, Walnut and Ember. (Now LABC and BBA Certified). The tiles are designed to offer a lighter weight compared to standard slate tiles, up to seven times lighter. They can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, with up to 40 years weatherproofing guarantee. The frame structures and build of a Supalite roof is also filled with innovative and select designs; own branded roofing membrane, lightweight aluminium ring beams and unique fascia/Soffit details which can house external LED downlights – all go towards helping retailers sell an exclusive offer to their customers. 20 » DEC 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M ‘Registered scheme status is not handed out lightly’ 3. CORGI FENESTRATION When it comes to standards, Supalite makes sure it stands out from the crowd. Earlier this year, Supalite became the first company in its field to pass and be registered by Corgi Fenestration, the newly launched and highly recognised, fenestration auditing scheme. As a Corgi Fenestration registered company, Supalite can work with its approved fabricators and installer retailers to enable them to pass on the scheme’s recognition of quality through workmanship to homeowners. Registered scheme status is not handed out lightly and to achieve the position, Supalite had to ensure its cradle-to-grave manufacturing and operational processes and methods were of a high standard. The business also decided to create and appoint a Director to manage the role of helping to oversee the scheme and cascade it out to its fabricators. 4. INNOVATORS Supalite is amongst the industry’s great innovators. Working alongside its loyal following of approved fabricator and installer, it looks to develop products that are both attractive and excite the marketplace. The latest innovative product to be launched by Supalite is its Flat Orangery Roof system, a great addition to the existing pitched orangery roof, launched in 2015. Supalite currently holds the intellectual registered design rights for five different roof styles and it still boasts the only pitched roof vaulted orangery on the market. The new system can be used to fit either new-build or retro-fit installations which have an existing Edwardian or double hip Edwardian roof. The factory-assembled system, has been designed an ՙɕ)ɑѼѡѡ͕́M1їe)͕مѽɽѕݥѠ)쁅յմȁAY ԃaMYчdɽ)ѕɹ́ձȁэ͕٥)AY ͍ͽЁɅ݅ѕȁ