Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 18

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Dedicated ‘Specials’ Factory » » THE GLAZERITE UK GROUP HAS completed the latest phase of its ambitious expansion programme with a major step-up to a 30,000 sq ft Special Products plant, with plans already underway for the next phase. The company’s acclaimed Vertical Sliders, Residence Collection products and the VEKA Imagine bi-fold, patio and flush doors will all be made in the purpose-equipped factory by a specially-trained fabrication team with its own dedicated management and Quality Control systems. The new unit, close to Glazerite’s Wellingborough HQ, is more than twice the size of its original Specials factory opened in 2014 and gives further capacity for the group’s ever-growing range of niche, premium and specialist windows and doors. The launch of the new unit also gives Glazerite a fourth specific production centre, along with Halo fabrication at Glazerite East, the former City Beads factory in Peterborough acquired by the Group last year, and its mainstream VEKA production at Wellingborough and Bolton. The second phase of development at the Wellingborough site, which will include a showroom and training facility as well as a trade counter to serve its local customer base, is due to be completed early in 2018. Optima opens up opportunities for Clearview Glaziers’ customers » » CLEARVIEW GLAZIERS HAS become the latest company to start manufacturing Profile 22’s Optima system. Robin Squibb, Clearview’s Director, said: “Manufacturing Optima makes good business sense because it’s got strong brand recognition in the trade, retail and commercial sectors we work in. It’s a system that will give our customers even more choice.” Gerald Allen, Profile 22’s Marketing Manager, commented: “We’re delighted to have Clearview Glaziers on board. It’s a company with an unwavering commitment to professionalism, quality and service and those are values that we share here at Profile 22.” Clearview Glaziers supplies customers in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, West Norfolk, South Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, East Anglia and the East Midlands. It also has a strong online presence that extends its reach and has two websites, www., which has a domestic focus, and www., which is aimed at the trade and DIY sectors. These will be joined next year by a website dedicated to the commercial sector. The company’s commitment to investment in its people, technology and policies to ensure the highest standards of workmanship and service means it has seen steady growth over the past few years. MD LIFTS STRICTLY BALLROOM TROPHY AND RAISES £10,000 FOR VARIETY CHILDREN’S CHARITY » » INTEGRAL BLINDS manufacturer Morley Glass & Glazing’s managing director Ian Short has been crowned the winner in the Variety’s Strictly Ballroom competition an Z\Y[ܙH[L ܈H[[&\\]KX[\ۙHو L[X]]\[\[Z\ٙ\[ۘ[[H\\Z[Y܂YH[۝YܙH\][š[۝وH\\YYY[œ[[ X]\[HXܸ&\”^H]Z[ܙ[ܘ\\X[[[H[ٙ\[ۘ[[\[[XH\[ˈH\]H][ X\YH\[\][ۙ\Z\YH[قK L X\[Y^BH][[HX [Y[[ۈ\˜XY][Y[ X[ZY8'\\˜Y[HYH[[^\Y[N’x&]H ۙH[ZY Y[[[[YZ\H[ܙH[0L N0P M0PTHHHR B܈HX[\]\K]8&\Y[\][H[X[[H[Bܘ]Y[]\[ۙHœۜܙY[\ܝYYH[^H[H\\]XHBHHܝYY[BXY[^KH\HX][B[Y[HY\&B[]YY[HY\˸'B\Y]HݚY\XX[ [XH[[[[HR[]Xۙ\\X[]H܈\Y[YK΋˚\][˘K™[Z\[X[\ܝ K