Clearview National December 2017 - Issue 193 - Page 16

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Acquisition signed and sealed GREY IS HERE TO STAY » » FREEFOAM, A LEADING manufacturer of a wide range of innovative products for the building industry in Ireland, the UK and Mainland Europe, is, following feedback from customers, delighted to announce an addition to its popular Weatherboard cladding range with the introduction of a new colour option Slate Grey. Slightly darker in tone when compared to the very popular Storm grey it will appeal to those looking for a more defined appearance to their project. The Weatherboard cladding is a 170mm wide board featuring a subtle embossed wood effect finish and an attractive overlapping appearance to create a ‘New England’ look. Already available in a range of traditional and contemporary shades, from subtle Pale Gold and Cappuccino through to more dramatic Argyl Brown and Colonial Blue the addition of Slate Grey will make a welcome addition to customers. Colin St John, Commercial Director, Freefoam, comments “Grey is a major trend in building products, particularly windows, doors and roofline – the colour grey tops all our growth statistics across the product range!” Fortex® is an innovative cladding range that features an attractive subtle embossed ‘wood effect’ finish coupled with the benefits of low maintenance PVC. 16 » DEC 2017 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M » 5 -9i%1MLAIP=Q!) ɹ݅́ɽ͕ͥ́́ɕ)Ʌ́ѡեͥѥAѽ) ɥѽɽ9M)Qͅݡ́ѕѼє)ѡ9ٕȰݥ͕ѡɅ͙ȁ)Aѽ ɥѽ͕́Ѽ5饔̸)Q́́ͼѕѼՑ啕̰)ݥѡѥхѽ)ձхѥɥ)5ɬ5эɕѽȰ5饔)́ͅѡЁѡեͥѥɕɕ͕ѕ)ͥЁչ䁙ȁɽѠ+qQٕ́́䁱ɝݡЁ́)ٕՍ͙հͥ̀ݥѠɹٕȁɔ)ѡ շtͅ+q ЁݔٔЁɔݥѠɔ)ٕѵЁɕͥѡѥ)ѕѥѡݽɭ́ѡЁݔ)ɽ́ѡMѠ]ӊt)]ݥѥՔѼݽɬٕ䁍͕ݥѠ)Aѽ݅ɐ́܁I)Aѹˊt)Aѽ̀ܰāЁ͔)եЁ ɥѽͥєѡͽѡɸͥ)ѡ䁥̰ɕѱ䁕̀))Q́́ѡѕЁ͕ɥ́ɕ)եͥѥ́ ɹ̰݅Ց)ѡեͥѥ1\ɍѕɅ́)5ɍѡ́啅ȸ)ܹ饕̹լ) UMQ=5HI1Q%=9M!%AL) 9QI0Q<I=U9) I-%9MUAA1%H+ M%9 AUI !M%9 9QI1IA0)ݼ啅́5ѽ <) ɽ́ѕ́)ݽɭɐѼѡɅѥ́)ɽՍЁљѡ5͕́)ɥѽȸIѱ䁍ѥձѕ)ٔѼ=ѥ ɅIA0͕́Ѽ)ѡU-́AY ԁɅ)ɥѽ́䁉ɕѡɅѥ)ձ+qMхѥչѥɥ)ɽѽȁɕѥ̰ȁٕɥ)ѥٔ݅́Ѽɝ͔ѡͥ́)ɕɅѥ̰ɕѡ)ѕȁɽՍЁљt)́5ѽq'eɽ)ٕȁѡЁ䁙ɽ)Uхȁѽȁ͔ѡ)ݥȁɭа́́Ѽхѡ)ͥ́݅ɐѼͥѥݡɔݔɔ)ɥљѡЁ́مѥٔ)ձݥѡЁՕѥՅ䰁)͕٥+q́Ȱݔȁٕ)ȁȁѽ̰ݥѠɑɥ)хЁսхѥ̰Ե䁱ѥ́Ք+aѽ͡ÊdѼЁѡȁ̸)%䁕ɥɥѽ̰ȁ䁽ѡ)ȁȁѡЁѕȰݥ݅́ѡ)ݡѡ䁉ɕѡձѡɅ)݅ɐȽѽȁɕѥ͡t)ܹɅ