Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 82

BUSINESSNEWS The difference between Losing and Winning »»A lot of opportunities are effectively won or lost by installers before a quote is even written. Benjamin Dyer, CEO of tradespeople’s app company Powered Now provides some background to what can be a mystery for some tradespeople. Every time there is contact with your prospect you will unwittingly move the sale either forward or back. These tips are designed to lift the veil on this process; I hope that you find them thought-provoking. Be personal – People buy from people and when you can establish rapport with a customer, you are much more likely to win the business. In this respect, face-to-face meetings are the most powerful, telephone calls the next and emails least effective. James Chandler of Chandler Building visits every job himself, and says: “It’s important that you see the client in the flesh.” Keep every promise – It’s an unfortunate fact, but everything that you say will be taken as a promise. Whenever you say one thing and do something different – for instance, “I will get the quote to you by Tuesday”, you undermine trust and damage the sale. There is logic here as people think, “If they don’t keep their promises before I give them the job, what will they be like after they have started?” The first phone call starts the process of building trust and a professional manner is needed at every stage. Returning calls quickly is part of this, as is turning up on time. Powered Now’s recent survey of over 1,000 homeowners revealed that 83% were frustrated with trade companies that didn’t turn up when they said they would. Mirror what you look for in a supplier – Just think about how you want your suppliers to act towards you. You want them to be pleasant, helpful, turn round requests quickly and be reliable. If that’s what you demonstrate to your clients, you are more than half way towards a very succes ٝ[