Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 80

INSTALLERSUPPORT Ensuring You Stay Ahead Specialist software expert Giles Hayhurst has spent the last 30 years has a software developer, encouraging the industry to produce more professional ways of presenting itself to homeowners. »»Giles, founder of Bradley Giles Limited and the original developer and owner behind the renowned Windowlink software tells Clearview how he utilises the Windowlink system to offer fabricators and installers their own tailored software package to suit their needs, taking advantages of his vast industry knowledge and expertise to give his clients the additional personal support they require to stay ahead in today’s competitive market. “I have worked with the fenestration industry for the last 30 years, starting my career with profile system supplier, Duraflex and then going on to develop and set up WindowLink in 1983. Two and a half years ago, I decided to sell the business and concentrate more on offering clients a more bespoke and personal offering. “The Windowlink software offers fabricators and installers a way of presenting quotations in a more professional, clear and concise manner. It was designed to be easy to use and complement sales presentations to both trade customers and homeowners. “What is unique about Bradley Giles Ltd is that we are able to offer clients a more personal consultancy service, identifying their individual needs and implementing their requirements to suit their customers and business needs. “I maybe a little biased, but I do believe Windowlink is one of the best operating quotation systems on offer to the fenestration industry and allows us to offer customers flexibility on their needs. Being the originator of the software also enables us to offer the expertise and knowledge of systems capabilities.”Giles adds. Unlike other competitors’ systems, Windowlink is able to offer a full and comprehensive quotation which includes more than just one of the clients supplied products. For example, should the installer be buying in bi-fold doors, windows, composite doors from different suppliers the software is able to pull in all the products and their relevant prices to produce an individual quotation, personalised for the customer. ‘By looking at each and every client individually, we are able to review their needs and the way they want to present themselves to an end-user’ Giles continues: “We deal with a multitude of different clients, who maybe manufacturing some products and buying- in others -to customers who do not manufacture any products at all. By looking at each and every client individually, we are able to review their needs and the way they want to present themselves to an end-user. “The software, utilising our expert knowledge, can be designed bespoke, catering for the requirements of their business, and giving external and internal staff the opportunity to 80 » dec 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M access the software and produce a quotation instantaneously once all the homeowner’s or trade customer’s requirements are identified. Due to the extent of Giles’ expertise and business understanding of the selling and quotation process, he is able to offer customers an insight into developing the system further, to help record and track sales quotations and enable businesses to not only become more professional in their presentation, but also in the follow-up of their quotations to convert into sales. “We offer businesses the opportunity to look at further ways of using software to their advantage and give ongoing advice on recording, reviewing and tracking quotations and conversions. “There are a large number of methods to help businesses become more efficient in chasing up and converting their quotations, and having helped to support over hundreds of companies throughout the industry, we have the capability and knowledge of knowing exactly what is needed by the clien