Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 79

INSTALLERSUPPORT Achieving Even the Most Ambitious Projects Roseview Windows, the specialist fabricator of PVCu sash windows, recently announced they will be launching a training school to provide installers with the tools they need to take advantage of the lucrative VS market. »»When it comes to making profit from an installation, it’s hard to beat PVCu vertical sliding sash windows. Unlike simple casement windows, which are very much a commodity product, VS windows are a luxury item and particularly suited to the higher end of the market. VS windows can command –much higher order values than casement windows, and the target audience of discerning homeowners are unlikely to baulk premium price. But despite the positivity surrounding sash windows, according to Willie Kerr, managing director of Roseview Windows, some installers still aren’t taking advantage. Willie comments: “We speak to installers on a daily basis, and some hold the view that sash windows are difficult to fit. This is stopping them from entering the market. But we know that with the right training and the backing of an experienced supplier like Roseview, even the most ambitious VS jobs are well within reach. It was this idea which prompted us to launch our new training course. The purpose of the course is provide installers and surveyors with all the technical knowledge they need to