Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 54

DOORS&WINDOWS Often Imitated, Never Equalled Alistair Inglis, UK Sales Manager for illbruck,talks to Clearview about the way the company has invested to meet changing market needs. »»As a long-established manufacturer with an international reputation and a comprehensive product range, illbruck has now reached the point where it has produced enough impregnated tape to circle the planet three times over; an achievement that is in sharp contrast to some products and the companies producing them. It is a fact that, in order to combat increasing extremes of weather caused by climate change, the glazing and facades sector has moved on from its reliance on ‘silicone only’ fixing systems and now employs more advanced impregnated tapes and compatible technologies to provide good weather resistance and control air permeability. illbruck not only offers premium product and service performance; the company has achieved strong growth despite the tough times experienced by many parts of the construction industry. Contractors realised that they could not afford to make mistakes in sealing and bonding, and so opted for a proven solution. In addition, they turned to us because we had invested in the UK market by training our staff, and gained the certification they were seeking for peace of mind. A fit-and-forget solution was ideal for the recession and is even more relevant now that contractors are so busy. No one wants to go back to jobs to do remedial work. Unfortunately, some manufacturers have entered the market with products which lack the depth of research and development or third party testing which underpins our offering. In a bid to raise awareness and standards, we are represented on various technical committees of major trade associations thereby influencing where sealing guidelines could be improved to raise some of the standards in building construction, especially in terms of weather and air tightness. We are totally committed to the UK market and have accelerated our investment in testing and certification. For example, we have a range of BBA certifications which we feel are crucial to giving customers confidence when using the products. It is in areas like this that we lead the way and show we are prepared to invest in supporting our products and systems. In addition, to developing advanced product technologies, we are also keen to explore and support their integration into new sectors: for instance offering housebuilders the opportunity to benefit from systems previously confined to commercial contracts. As an example, our A-Rated Windows campaign which was launched last year and showcased at The Fit Show, helped bring home the message to the domestic contractor and OEM producer. In essence, the communication centred on existing, common ‘siliconeonly’ fixing practices proving inappropriate for the high-technology, A-Rate windows being specified to meet Part L Building Regulation requirements. As a result, we are now starting to make real inroads into the domestic windows market. One of the major differences between illbruck and its competitors is the level of service and technical support on offer. Our people are our main asset and are on site every day. Quite often, they have worked with the architect to specify a solution and they are then on site to talk 54 » dec 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M through the solution with the sub-contractor; they give ‘tool bo [