Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 52

DOORS&WINDOWS Making Site Inspections Simpler A new mobile solution has been specifically developed for the construction sector, which aims to speed up and simplify the site inspection process. »»WorkMobile, an award winning mobile solutions and data capture service, has developed a new app that allows tradespeople to easily collect, monitor and share data to improve business processes such as site inspections. WorkMobile Construction allows construction workers to capture data in real-time through mobile forms that can be accessed via the users’ smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs. With many UK construction businesses now having to cut operational costs and improve efficiencies, adopting cloud service and mobile technology allows firms to become more agile. WorkMobile Construction’s flexible form designer allows users to create mobile forms relevant to the specific contract including site inspections, health and safety forms and timesheets for all contractors on site. Forms can be quickly deployed to mobile devices and amended from contract to contract, allowing staff to receive electronic forms directly from the contractor out in the field to back–offices systems in real-time. Colin Yates, business programmes director at WorkMobile, said: “Construction projects usually involve the co-ordination of a great number of people, materials and components. And site inspections are a crucial part of ensuring that the work progresses as intended, and comply with health and safety regulations. “All manner of data can be captured, including date and time, location, photos and signatures, on or offline. Job forms can be sent out to employees and contractors to issue instructions and command site inspection data as quickly as possible. “By embracing this type of digital technology, construction firms can help to improve their businesses efficiency and operational return on investment.” Visit New Anglia Franchise »»Emplas has strengthened its pro X