Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 42

DOORS&WINDOWS Creating the perfect combination of products »»After the successful launch of one the industry’s more recent innovations, Skyview Roof ’s customer, Allan Duffield of Eagle Home Improvements talks to Clearview about his first installation of the Warmcore bi-folding door. Manufactured by Skyview, he tells how in the future, why he will be advising customers of the better thermal qualities the product can offer. “I set up Eagle Home Improvements back in 1991, assisting in extensions, bathrooms, kitchens and general home improvements,” Allan comments, “as time went on I found my time being drawn more and more into the installation of windows and doors, in particularly conservatories and porches. “I have always used Synseal’s Global roof system and find it incredibly easy to fit. I found myself in a position 18 months ago, where I needed to look for an alternative supplier and Skyview Roofs in Tysley, Birmingham was recommended to me, so I approached them. “After a number of quotations, I won a contract which allowed me to give the guys at Skyview a go, and I have to say I was very impressed with their knowledge and ability to service my needs, even as a small business. “Skyview has been manufacturing Synseal products for several years, and has developed a deep understanding of the system and products, so when they advised me they were introducing Sysnseal’s new Warmcore bifolding door to their portfolio, I jumped at the chance to recommend the product. “I’ve quoted a number of homeowners and builders, and also recommended Warmcore for inclusion on several architectural projects, but the opportunity to fit came whilst working for a local builder, who had been appointed to do a massive home improvement project on a luxury £700k property in Solihull. “The homeowner had already invested in a loft and garage extension and also wanted to 42 » dec 2015 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M extend the rear of the property and fit a new kitchen. “Not having measured or fitted a Warmcore door previously, I turned to Skyview for assistance, and they were pleased to assist, I even got VIP treatment, with John Sewell, Skyview’s owner coming out on site to help me survey and measure up to ensure I got it right. “As usual, the doors were manufactured to the lead times promised and installation went incredibly smoothly,” Allan adds, “at the same time, the extension was also fitted with a Skyframe and global roof lantern to add additional light for the homeowner. “I believe that Warmcore gives installers more advantages than that of standard aluminium folding door systems, and with its distin