Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 22

INDUSTRYNEWS Roto acquire Deventer Group »»Roto Frank AG is continuing to drive the consistent expansion of its overall window and door technology expertise with the acquisition of the Deventer Group. The global construction supplier, which turned over more than €641 million in 2014, reported that the takeover would take effect from 1 January 2016. Deventer is one of the leading specialists in sealing profiles manufactured from TPE (thermoplastic polymers) for windows, doors, gates, frames and glazing. The investment is of strategic importance as it ‘ideally complements’ the current Roto portfolio. The acquisition includes all the companies of the decentralised Deventer Group, explains Dr Eckhard Keill. According to the chairman of the Roto Frank AG board of directors, this includes the German company in Berlin-Spandau as well as independent companies in the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. The takeover of all the sealing profile specialist’s companies is of particular strategic importance because it ‘ideally complements’ the construction supplier’s current product portfolio. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. As Keill emphasises, Roto does not require any additional external funding to finance the commitment. This reaffirms the company’s economic strength. Chief Financial Officer Michael Stangier states: “The fact that we can realise important acquisitions in such a phase is further concrete evidenc Hو