Clearview National December 2015 - Issue 169 - Page 13

INDUSTRYNEWS The ‘iPad’ of Roofing Lights »»And it went click! – This short sentence may soon be heard more frequently on European construction sites. More specifically: when installing a new generation of roof windows. It is called “RotoQ” and, according to Christoph Hugenberg, it is already “an exceptional success story”. During the first joint International Roto Trade Press Day, hosted together with the Window and Door Technology Division, the Roof and Solar Technology chairman identified the main reason for this as the “consistent focus on customer benefits”. The innovation is the result of an intensive analysis of the market and competitive environment as well as customer requirements. This showed that, in the European market, more than 50% of timber and PVCu roof windows are produced in the basic segment. The second important product development factor was the market partners’ opinion of the key criteria for buying roof windows. Roto used targeted surveys in several European countries. On balance, ease of installation, subjective product quality and energy efficiency were the most frequently identified factors. The “RotoQ” success was so impressive that it comes very close to the goal of creating “the iPad of roof windows” and a self-explanatory practical solution. This was also demonstrated by a look at the characteristics of the product range, which is ideal for all roof types, foil roofs and above-rafter insulation. Hugenberg highlighted the simple and secure “click” installation as the “most important difference” to conventional market alternatives. They make it literally impossible to ignore the correct installation, even if several operation steps are required. This is the case for the internal accessories’ tool-free installation and dismantling as well as the tool- and screw-free sheeting installation. The manufacturer also listed durability, the guaranteed gap dimension, installation and suspension assistance, the sash adjustment option and the prefitted thermal insulation as other, in some cases, exclusive installation plus points. On the other hand, the innovation also provided builders and renovators with specific added value, such as, for instance, that arising from user-friendly ergonomics and surface feel as well as the attractive overall impression with reduced profiles. The public premiere of the “first roof window that talks to you” at “BAU 2015” was preceded by intensive international market level tests. Two thousand windows were installed and no less than 250 product improvements were incorporated, some of which led to last-minute optimisations. The emotional “MissionQ” kick-off event for the internal organisation and selected customers was followed by the Munich exhibition presence in January. To obtain a neutral “highlights” and presentation assessment on behalf of the manufacturer, the forsa institute surveyed exhibition visitors, predominantly from the roofing sector. 85% of participants assessed “RotoQ” as “very positive”. In 2015, the company’s sales and marketing activities were predominantly focussed on the “RotoQ” launch. Internationally, this involved about 150,000 customer visits, over 4,500 training sessions, more than 200 “local” events as well as the point-of-sale presentation of over 1,000 windows. The responses from continuous customer discussions, in which managers are often also involved, were received directly by the project team. At its core, the innovation’s success was based on the fact that “customers understand the concept and are very impressed by the product and its quality”. This was ultimately also reflected by the number of convinced trades’ people who supported the sales campaigns. In his forecast, Hugenberg announced the already initiated significant sales capacity increase and the development of the versions necessary for international markets. This will also support continuous “RotoQ” portfolio expansion. As a result, the conclusion drawn in Lövö was: “We are confident that the smart roof window generation will ensure excellent long-term performance in the hard-fought basic segment.” C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » dec 2015 » 13