Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 87

MOVERS&SHAKERS New vice-president for GGF » » THE GLASS AND Glazing Federation (GGF) is pleased to announce that Mark Austin, Marketing Director of Hazlemere Windows, has been confirmed as Vice-President by the GGF Board. Mark, who is also the Chairman of the GGF Window and Door Group, was elected for the vice-presidency by his fellow members of the Home Improvement Executive and takes on the role with immediate effect. As Vice- President, Mark represents the Home Improvement side of the industry on the GGF Board. ‘it now needs a period of stability, something I aim to be able to assist with’ On accepting the role of GGF Vice-President, Mark commented, “It is fairly well known that the GGF has had a lot of personnel changes over the last few years as it has been going through a restructuring and governance review. It now needs a period of stability, something I aim to be able to assist with and will be happy to represent and express Members’ interests and concerns across all the sectors within the industry. I would also encourage each member company to get the maximum from their GGF annual membership through benefits such as networking at the numerous meetings and events, and to take full advantage of all the marketing and PR tools offered via the members area on the new GGF website.” Jeff Dunn to join Glazerite » » THE GLAZERITE UK Group Ltd has appointed Jeff Dunn as Group Sales & Marketing Director, reporting directly to company Director, Jason Thompson. Jason says; “Jeff’s appointment is a positive move for both our company and our customers. He has proven industry experience, knows the VEKA range inside out, and brings a great deal of passion and determination.” Jeff adds; “I’m delighted to be joining Glazerite; a well- respected business, which is still evolving. A major appeal is the fact that owners John and Jason are still heavily involved on a day to day basis. They have done incredibly well but are still looking to do much more and I am excited to be part of that.” Jeff, who is a member of the Independent Network advisory panel, joins Glazerite from Nottinghamshire-based fabricator Consort, where he spent 11 years working in a number of customer-facing roles. Leaving Glazerite is Chris Thompson after nine years in the role of National Sales & Marketing Manager. Jason says: “Chris has played a key part in Glazerite’s success over the last decade, and we would like to thank him for his contribution and loyal service. We wish him every success and best wishes for the future.” FIVE NEW APPOINTMENTS FOR FORWARD-THINKING AGENCY » » PURPL UDRTDreTЧ6W'f6R&WFrvV726FVVBG0&BW6vFFRFVBbffPWrFVV&W'2f&W"W&Ɨ7BWfVW'0VBFRWW&V6VB"FVvR&WF6FW"2VBFR7&VFfRBFW&&WFrFW'FVBFRvV"FW'FVB2&VV7G&VwFVV@'FRFVBb6&ƖRV&vv22vV"B&GV7FFW6vW"G&WrFW'FBFG&Ww2v22V"vV"FWfVW"G&Wr66GBFRvV7( 2vrF&V7F"6VG3( vRfRFV6WfW&Wr6ƖVG0&VGF2V"BFW6RWrFVG06rW"6֗FVBF&fFrW 7W7FW'2vFFR&W7B6W'f6R76&R( ФBFW2FRFFV&W"bVVW2@FRvV7( 2VGV'FW'2W7BWG6FR'&7FFcBvF&FW22F&V6fW VVW2'#B2W6FrFPBW'WG&WrFFVC( BW'WvRF( B&VƖWfP7FFr7FBfW7FrW"vw&wFG&6FW2FfW7FVBW 6ƖVG>( 7V66W72vR&RFVƖvFVBFvV6P&WFFG&Wr6&ƖRBWfFFP6ffR&RvFW&gVFFF2FFRFVB&VƖWfRFW'&rFR62@FVF6FFBvVG&fR&FW'WBW"6ƖVG2f'v&BFRgWGW&R( ЧwwrW'W&WFr6Ф2R%bRrR2 +Rr# +p