Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 84

MOVERS&SHAKERS HARDWARE EXPERTS LOOK NORTH » » EXPERIENCED SALESMAN Dave Brackpool will be spearheading the Caldwell’s effort in the North of England as Regional Executive. He joins the firm from a respected UK hardware specialist. “The North is still one of the country’s most major manufacturing hubs, and a hugely important region for Caldwell,” comments Sales Director Tim Ferkin. “Having someone with Dave’s drive and experience leading the charge for us in the region will be a massive asset as we seek to win more business and continue to grow the Caldwell brand.” Dave comments: “I’m delighted to be joining one of the world’s most respected window component suppliers. Caldwell’s product offering stands out as one of the most comprehensive and innovative in the industry, and I’m looking forward to introducing it to more fabricators.” Alongside the balances and friction stays that have made the Caldwell name, Dave will also be responsible for selling the firm’s new range of Sinidex window locks. “The Sinidex lock has been designed to offer the highest levels of safety possible, with industry-leading tolerance levels and excellent security,” Dave comments. “Its sleek and practical design also makes it suitable for use in casements of almost every shape and style. We expect it to become extremely popular with our customers.” Hillier hits the hi-life » » A CRUCIAL NEW appointment is set to help streamline operations and accelerate growth at fast- moving HiTECH Blinds Ltd. Stephen Hillier joins the Peterborough-based integral blinds manufacturer as Customer Service & Office Manager, tasked with optimising processes behind the scenes, and supporting the company’s growing list of clients. Previously employed in several roles at one of the UK’s biggest and most respected glass processing businesses, Stephen brings a decade of valuable glass sector experience to the HiTECH team. HiTECH Blinds Ltd Sales Director Ian Woolley, commented: “Stephen’s vast glass and customer service knowledge will be an invaluable asset in the months and years ahead, as we seek to firmly establish HiTECH Blinds as Britain’s brightest, most forward-thinking integrated blind and roof light supplier.” Stephen added: “When the opportunity presented itself, I instantly knew I wanted to be part of the team. All the Directors are committed to growth, and they’ve allowed me to make a number of changes. We’ve employed new staff, ensuring the office is in a position to deal with the planned growth, and we’ve invested in market-leading glass optimising software from Malcolm Searle at Clear Thinking.” NEW RETAIL SALES DIRECTOR FOR CONSERVATORY GROUP » » CONSERVATORY OUTLET Group has appointed industry- renowned ́ͅЁAհ) ѽ́ḾɕѽȁЁ)9ѠЁ͡ɕхȰ)A!%ɽٕ̰Ѽ)ݥѠѡɕѥɕЁ)ɕ51ɕ)!٥Ё̀啅ȁɕ)ɵ䁥ѡɽٕ)䰁Aհ ѽɥ́Ѽ)ѡɽչɥم͕ͭ)مЁɥ=ٕȁѡ)Ѐԁ啅̰Aհ́ݽɭ)ٕ́ͥ́)ձхЁȁݥمɥ)ɕх́Ѽѡ)ɽٔѡȁͅ)əɵ́ɕձɱ)٥ѕѼЁ)ٕ̰Ʌ́͡յ̸)9ɅȁѼ ͕مѽ)=ѱаAհ́ͼЁѡ)Ёٔ啅́ݽɭݥѠѡ)ѥ͡ݽɬ)ձх䁍䰁ѥ(Ѓ U 0IY$\U, <4)ѡхѥɽЁͅ)Ʌѕ́ɽ́̀́ɕх̸)ɕ- <) ͕مѽ=ѱЁɽ)胊qɕ́)ɥЁЁAݡ)ݔѡȁ́ݽɬ)ݥ͠ݕ́ɕѥɕи)AհݥɥͥЁɕє)ѥ́ͅɅѕ́ݡ)ɔͥѼٔѡѽ)ѡЁͥɥ]eɔ)ѡɥѼٔɐ)݅ɐѼɕ)Ս͙հɅ啅ȁt)ܹ͕مѽѱй