Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 82

BUSINESSNEWS Brand specialists deliver surprising results » » A WIDE-RANGING RESEARCH project commissioned by warm-edge experts Edgetech has seen the company refresh its commitment to customers with a new mission statement. Edgetech enlisted branding specialists Orb to conduct a thorough analysis of its relationship with its customers, and perceptions of the company in the market more generally. Over dozens of interviews with customers and staff, Orb sought to build up a picture of what stands Edgetech out from the crowd. The results have informed Edgetech’s strategy for the years ahead. “As businesses, we often think we know our customers – but often, we don’t know them quite as well as we think,” comments Head of Marketing Charlotte Mercer. “For example, we assumed that the key reasons customers continued to work with Edgetech would be very product-centric – and respondents were certainly very complimentary about Super Spacer and our other offerings. “But actually, they were more focused on the standard of service they receive from us – the consistent product quality, the reliability, the technical support and so on. A comment that comes up more than once was the idea that we were ‘a safe pair of hands’. “I know a lot of businesses are sceptical of this kind of exercise – but for us, it’s been hugely beneficial. “It’s provided us with a fantastic opportunity to stop, reflect, and decide how we want to position ourselves in the months and years ahead – and even given us a clearer focus on who we are, what we do, and what makes us special. “We’re leaders in the insulating glass spacer market, built on a legacy of customer trust and focused on building the future. We’re established, customer-driven, and innovative. And now we’ve got a new mission statement: we exist to create value by putting our customers first, delivering unrivalled performance, and doing the right thing.” New Industry Body for Glazing Certass Trade Association has been launched to give installation companies and tradespeople the chance to make their views heard, and get real, practical support to help grow their businesses. » » JON VANSTONE, CHAIR OF Certass Trade Association explains: “Our industry is faced with many issues – a lack of reliable support, an ageing workforce and poor perception from consumers. Speaking with installers and tradespeople, we understand the extra pressures they have to contend with. As well as staying competitive and professional in a changing market, there’s also a severe lack of available skilled labour. “The Certass Trade Association is focussed on creating practical solutions for these issues and to help develop the entire industry. The membership body is open to all companies in the glazing supply chain who share our vision. 82 » AUG 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M “Certass Trade Association is all about its members. We won’t waste time on internal politics or irrelevant issues. Instead, we will collaborate with component suppliers, systems companies, fabricators, training providers and certification schemes to support installers and drive our industry forward. “By providing the support mechanism for installers to redefine the perception of glazing companies, we can build a reputation from the ground up. This will also attract new people seeking a skilled occupation that delivers innovation and best practice service to the UK housing market.” Certass Trade Association works with installers to get their views and feedback on what they need from an industry body. The team behind the new association have first-hand experience in successful membership bodies for other sectors in the construction industry. This gives them impressive insight and knowledge of how to create greater reputations through the delivery of a valuable, skilled workforce who use innovative products and best practice to deliver a superior service to consumers. Jon adds: “Certass Trade Association will take a collaborative approach with other companies who share our vision in championing the local installers offering great service to homeowners. The goal is to improve our entire industry.”