Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 78

BUSINESSNEWS I.T. OPS TRANSFORMED » » FORD WINDOWS IS USING Business Micros’ EvoNET software to give itself a real point of difference in the new build window and door market. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Operations Manager Wes Shackley, the company has transformed its IT operation over the past 18 months and now has a set-up, which is so impressive that it is being used as a demonstration site by Business Micros. As existing users of the Evolution software, Wes approached Business Micros who convinced him that their EvoNET business management tool was capable of doing everything that he needed. 18 months on, Wes says that he now considers the investment in EvoNET to be one of the best things Ford Windows has yet done. He said: “Just in terms of the payback we are achieving from the time saved on admin, EvoNET has already proved a great investment. “We have implemented EvoNET across our entire operation – from barcode scanning throughout our warehouse, factory and despatch facility to track and monitor stock holding and production, right through to automatic invoicing and generation of completion certificates for new build customers, and even analysis of our recycling volumes.” ZERO PELLET LOSS PIONEER » » PROFINE GMBH HAS BECOME THE first PVCu system company in Germany to receive the certificate of the pro-K initiative ‘Null Granulatverlust’ (Zero Pellet Loss). The initiative of the pro-K association (the German industrial association for PVC-U semi-finished and consumer products) is part of the plastics industry’s ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ global commitment. These programs aim to minimise the loss of plastic pellets to the environment and are an industry contribution to combating the global marine litter problem from plastic and other waste. Awarding the certificate in Pirmasens, Germany pro-K managing director Ralf Olsen said: “profine is playing a pioneering role and thus sets an example for responsibility in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.” ‘Null Granulatverlust’ participating companies must draw up a detailed plan of action to prevent the loss of granulate, and then monitor its implementation. The association offers various materials, such as a checklist for the tour of typical critical points, a best practice collection or a supplier information letter. Stefan Schäfer of profine, explains “we want to set a good example and show credibly that we care about the environment. In a further step, we also want to motivate our customers to take part in the initiative.” The latest solidor showcase » » UK BUILDING PLASTICS IS THE latest company to be awarded Showroom of the Month by Solidor, though they have in fact two based in Witney and Cowley respectively and combined, serve Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. Solidor are eager to share best practice for sales environments and the Showroom of the Month competition is there to both reward and encourage. UK Building Plastics have been with Solidor for over seven years and have seen sales demand for their solid core composite doors increase significantly and with 22 doors on show at Cowley, Oxford 78 » AUG 2018 » CL EARVI E W- UK . C O M and an impressive 10 at Witney, they are perfectly placed to service both the trade and accomplished DIY’ers. Now in its 21st year, UK Building Plastics have carefully built a strong product portfolio that also includes The Residence Collection from within Masonite, a sister company to Solidor. Given the relative disposable income in Oxfordshi K\H\Hۙ[\›ܝ[]Y\]H[Z][H[\\[Z][H[وHX\]܈[H\BYH[\\[\˂]HZ[\X[Y[\X܈وRZ[[\X[Y[Y8&x&]HܚY\Z[Hٙ\[ۘ[[^]Z\]BܛH[\ۛY[][\˸'B˝Z؝Z[[\X\X ˝ZB˜Y܋˝Z