Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 72

MACHINERY New Sales Director to spearhead growth at elumatec » » AN EXPERIENCED NEW appointment is set to help accelerate elumatec’s growth in the months and years ahead. Neil Parton, who joins the world-leading firm after a long career in the cleaning machinery sector, has a passion for quality products and outstanding customer service. As Sales Director, Neil will be tasked with taking charge of the firm’s marketing and spearheading growth, as it seeks to cement its position as the UK’s leading supplier of profile machining centres and other fabrication technology. “Neil joins us at a hugely exciting time for the business,” comments Managing Director Phil Heavey. “We’re expanding our range of advanced machining centres and software products all the time – but this year, we’re also seeking to shine a spotlight on our market-leading customer support, too. “There’s a danger that as a manufacturing business you can become too focused on the products – and those are obviously extremely important. But part of Neil’s job will be to help show the human side of elumatec. “It’s our people, from the software developers to our team of dedicated support engineers, who can boast decades of experience between them, who make the business what it is – and I’m confident that Neil will excel at communicating this to fabricators throughout the UK.” Neil comments: “I’m del ѕ)Ѽͥ́)յѕéɔ'eѼ)ɕ͠ѡ)́ɕ䁍ͥɅ)ɕ͕U,Ʌѥ)͡܁ɥѽ́ݸ)ѡչ䁡܁ݽɭݥѠ)յѕѡȁ͕ͥ)ɽܻt)չఁյѕ)́ɽݸѼѡݽɱé)յմ䁍)ٕȁѡȁЁ啅)̸ͥ])ɕхѥȁՅ䰁مѥ)ፕͥյѕ)́ɕ͕镹́)չɥ́ɽչѡݽɱ)ɽ́ٔѥ̸)ܹյѕլ)9܁ݥͅ)܁ٕͥ́ձȁAɕͥIL)ݥͅ܁́܁مɽU,+ %IMPM8P9MQI T%8)5ɍѡ܁Aɕͥ!Ĺ)ɕͥٔ`́ͥѥմ)ɕݥѠѡմم)ѡхɐAɕͥIL%Ёͼ)ݥѠ́ͥѥ)ȁٕѕȁəɵ)ɕեɕ)]Ѡԁ9 ́ȁѥյմ)AY ѡݥͅ܁ѡ)Aɕͥ!Ĺݼѕ)ɉ́ѥɽ )Ѽܸ ݥѠɕͽѥͥѥ)ȁɕ%хɐѡ)Ёɽ́Ѽ)ݡɅЁɔЁЀ )ɽ́ѼݥQ)́ɽݼ9 ́Ѽɔ)ѥѵЁѡϊdЁ)ɽ(ȃ U 0IY$\U, <4)QٕЁѡѡ)ѡ́ͅѡѥɅѥ)ɔѽѥ䁍ɽѡ)͕́ȁѥɥ)ѕѼٔɕͥͥѥ)ɽݥѡЁѡȁ)ɕɕ)Qɽхѥ́ձ䁅х)́ݕЁݥѠɽ)ٕȁѡȁхɐ)չȁѡᕐ)ɽѡеͥ́ɕեɕ)U,é5ɕѽȁ%)1ѥȁ́ͅѡЁѡչѡ܁ͅ)ɕ́ѡɽݥѡU,ɭ)ȁ́ݡɅєѽѥ)ݥѠ䁵Ʌѽȁ٥ͥ)!ͅ胊q%ѡѡͭ)͡хݗeɔ͕ɔɔ)ѽٕ́ѥѡ́ѽѕ)ݡ́ѡѼɕ͔)ٽյ́ݥѡЁͅɥ䁥ɕͥѡ)ݽɭɍ+qQ́܁Aɕͥ!L͕Ё)ݥѠձ䁅ѽѥѥ危̰ͼѡЁ)ͥɅѽȁٕѡɽ)ѡѥѡѼѡé)ɽѠ٥ͥѽՍ͍ɕɽ)ͽ+qQ́ձ䁕͕)ͽչɽ́ݕͼЁٕ͕́ȴ)ɥ䁅ѥѼ䁱ɝ͍ѽ今t)éAɕͥݥͅ܁Ʌ)՝ձȁѡU,ݥѠյմ)AY Tɥѽ́)ܹ