Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 63

AL UMINIUM Tamworth installer achieves 90% conversion rate » » AN INCREDIBLE support package and a brand- new showroom has helped a REAL Aluminium installer to eclipse all targets and achieve an astonishing sales conversion rate of 90% in REAL Aluminium windows, doors and roofing products. Since opening the doors of its new showroom in April, which is exclusively dedicated to REAL Aluminium products, Tamworth-based Bradley Scott Windows has significantly increased sales of aluminium and boosted its profit margins. The showroom – the only one of its kind in the area to display a full range of aluminium products – has already attracted many local homeowners, with 9 out of 10 of them going on to place an order. Andy Farrington, owner of Bradley Scott Windows, explains: “We’ve been a successful PVCu installer since 1999 and wanted to get into aluminium but couldn’t find the right partner. Our goal is to become the biggest installer of aluminium products in the region and we needed to work with a supplier that would help us achieve this ambition and sustain our growt vV@rF$TV֖VФ7W7FW"WW&V6RF@v2VFFVǒ6f6VBFW6VB&fFRFR7W'BvPVVFVB( FR$TFVVVBW2FFW6vB6WBWW"6w&ЦBGFW"bvVV2@v2VFR6w&0'W7FWfW'FB6W0&RW6VVFrWV7FF2vV7W7FW'26VRFP&vRb$TV֖VЧ&GV7G2F7FW( &P&Vǒ&W76VBvFFRBVƗGN( 2&VVFR&W7@FV66( fRFR( Ф'&FW66GBvFw>( 6w&F72WFV6fP&vRb$TV֖VЧ&GV7G2v66VFW2vFrF7g&V6F"FF"&fBF"6ƖFrF"F&VRV֖VЦVG&6RF'2GvFW&0BfB&fƖvBFRv&BЧvr$TV֖VЦ&WFrFV2VVBFwVFR'&FW66GBvFw>( &WFr7G&FVwB&fFV@&vRb&WFr@6w&FW&2v66VFW2'&6W&W2vw&72VW&W'2@&Gv&R&&G26&R֖W"7W7FFPw&W&WFrF&V7F"FFVC( 6w&GVF2FGB2FV6WfpF2VV7V66W727V66'BW&BbFRv^( &PFVƖvFVBFBFW( &RFp6vVvFFR$T&vPBvrWr'W6W70BW6WF6RvRv6'&FW66GBvFw2WfW'7V66W72f"FRgWGW&R( ТTԔTФf"2vBR6fW&V@ƗFW&3bf6fBvFw2ffW&rw&VFW"6f'B&WGFW"7VF֖FV6RW7FWF6ǒV6pV&6RBV6VB6V7W&G@6ƖFRfFrF'2vF&W76fRVw2f"&F&W6FVFB6W&6W6R6ƖƖR&fW2ख7VFpv72VG0dcS#pcSpVW&wVff6VBvFw2bF'04RDTDD#c#BSwwrf'vFw26Фf%vFw0c#c#BS@S6W4f'vFw26Фe$TR$UDr5U%Bd5BDtDRDTĕdU%wwr&VV֖V6V2R%bRrR2 +Rr# +c