Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 55

COLOUR Any colour, as long as it’s VEKA In a season that has seen a host of new colour options come to the market, industry outsiders may be forgiven for thinking that foiled windows and doors are a recent development. But for systems supplier VEKA Group, lamination has been a top priority for a lot longer; providing VEKA and Halo customers with the perfect palette of perks to pass on to their customers. » » HERE, SALES DIRECTOR NEIL Evans discusses how something as simple as a ‘new hue’ can mean the difference between a classic, heritage look, or a contemporary ‘Grand Designs’ finish, and why even if you can’t decide on the right colour at first, VEKA Group systems are a wise starting point for any project. Usually when choosing a supplier for your PVC-U window systems and profile, you need to first consider factors such as quality of product, energy efficiency, proven performance, expertise in the industry and customer service; and that’s before you’ve even decided on a style or colour. You’d be unlikely to choose a car based on how many colours there are, but you would pick based on a balanced view of the whole offer. When it came to investment for the Group this year we prioritized significant investment in the expansion of our lamination department with the acquisition of a property adjacent to our HQ in Burnley, Lancashire; increasing the production area of the division by 40,000 sq ft and potential lamination production capacity by 50%. Along with the new building, we allocated funds for a new flexible lamination line, a standard lamination line, a new colour changing head, and a heat tunnel; providing opportunities for an even more efficient and flexible service. This in turn, means that our customers can offer their customers more choice, faster fits, and an all-round better service in the ‘I want it yesterday’ modern market. Typically, 96% of our foils sales are fulfilled from our stock. Foils promises to be a key growth area in an otherwise flat market and our investments are intended to secure our total reliability at all points of the year as volumes and customer choices change. At VEKA, 39% of our profile sales are foiled, across both the domestic and commercial sectors. And, over the years – aside from bespoke colour combinations for individual projects – for the most part we’ve seen the trend move from standard white, through woodgrain options, to creams and greens; but while we’ve had a long, hot summer in terms of weather, the colour `FR6V6( 2vVB6W2FF'2@vFw2( 226Rv&VVw&WFN( 0vdT2FFVBF&6FRw&W6FFG2W7F6Ɨ7BF2V"FpFRFFWF( 7vVWN( bWBb#76&PF2FRf&F2&vRgW'FW&&RdT( 2vR&fBF"26F0V"&V6Rf&RvFw&W&6R&fPVrf6&RvFR&fRvW&RvVB6W2F6W"FR66RPR66gB&GV7BFFffW&VBFPB6RFRFRWfW"V"fW666f"WRvVfVBF&6FRw&W6FBFVVBvFFRvR&f@F"w&W&6R6vFF&6FRw&WfBF6r&Gv&RRvWG0FR6VvBgFW"6FV&'V֖VЦ7FB'WBBV6vW 67BFFR67VW"W2FR&VVfG0bd2RvVB6W2FFV6RVW&wVff6V7BW&f&6RFPFR6RdT"fW666'WBF0FR6'GvVw&VV"7&VBP6WfRFRbG&FFFV@vFVvFr'WBvFFR&VVfG0bd2RR֖vBWfV66RR`FR&VƗ7F2vFw&F2g&FPf&F26V7Ff"FN( 2f'GVǐF7FwV6&Rg&&VF&W"27W&R2FRW&FvR6V7F"vv0fR6W'F7GR&WFW'26R@&RFW&6W"G&VG2v6R@vRFrBdTvv2&VFR6RFRw&W( 2&ƗGFǗ6RFP7W'&VBBgWGW&R&WBW"7W7FW'>( &VbBFB66&FvǒV2FPgWGW&R2'&vBf"ffVBWfVbvPfRw&WvFw>( `f"gW'FW"f&FbFR&fP( 2"f"Gf6RFrV6R6VFp6FR7W'fW26W2G&rf'&6Fr7FFVW&W26W"F2@&RV6R6#"sccV6W6VV'fV6"f6BwwrfVV6Ф2R%bRrR2 +Rr# +SP