Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 44

OUTDOORLIVING “NATURAL LIGHT IS A VERY DESIRABLE COMMODITY” » » THE ATLAS FLAT ROOFLIGHT – renowned throughout the industry for its competitive pricing and exceptional sales conversion rates – is now an even better proposition for installers, thanks to recent developments. Available now, the enhanced flat rooflight features new click-on corner sections that do away with the need for adhesive, making it neater, quicker and easier to fit than ever before. With faster fitting guaranteed, Atlas installers can speed up their flat rooflight installations and grow their business even further. Gareth Thomas, sales director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, explains: “The Atlas Flat Rooflight has always been an attractive product which is why 9 out of 10 quotes convert to orders. Designed from the outset to maximise profits, it’s competitively priced to offer healthy margins and it helps installers to expand their offering beyond traditional roof lanterns for flat roofs or where a lantern isn’t suitable. “Natural light is very desirable commodity for homeowners and our ultra-slim aluminium roof glazing lets in by far the most,” adds Gareth. “The sleek and stylish flat rooflight offers a streamlined look from the outside and appears frameless from the inside, with the uninterrupted aerial view creating the illusion of an open roof space. It’s the ultimate flat rooflight to deliver on looks for the homeowner and that’s why it’s become so popular in such a short space of time. “This latest development is all about offering installers even more from our products. The Flat Rooflight has always been designed to be an easy sell and now we’ve made it even easier to fit too with our cleverly- designed corner sections. So, as we approach the peak season for home improvements, installers can look forward to completing more flat glazed roofing projects and growing their business accordingly.” The Atlas Flat Rooflight is part of a rapidly growing trend among homeowners for modern glazed roof products. It has the best thermal performance on the market for a double glazed flat rooflight, thanks to its bespoke structural PVC-u internal core and sleek aluminium internal and external capping. It is available in six stock sizes (1x1m, 1x1.5m, 1x2m, 1.2x1.8m, 1.2x2.5m and 1.4x2m), and five stock colours, plus bespoke sizes and colours to order. TRAINING ACADEMY HELPS 50 INSTALLERS GET INTO ‘OUTDOOR’ » » WELL-RESPECTED outdoor living specialists the Milwood Group is celebrating the successes of its new Training Academy as it reaches 50 graduates – just three months after opening. Based at the Kent-firm’s centrally-located distribution centre in Leicestershire, the training academy allows newly-appointed trade partners and their installation teams to access in-depth product and installation training direct from the manufacturer. The free service covers Milwood’s complete range of aluminium verandas, canopies, carports and glass rooms, and is designed to help customers install and sell verandas with confidence. “Whilst we design our product range to be as simple as possible to install, for those who are new to the market it can of course be daunting. That’s where our training academy comes in and it’s fantastic to se ӊéՍ)ɕͽչՍ̳t)5ɬ]5ɕѽ)ѡ5ݽɽ+qQ܁䁡)ѕɅЁѡ)ɽ́ȁ܁Ʌѹ)ձͽ䁙ȁѽ)Ѽєɔѡɕٔ)ѡȁЁɑȸ9Ё䁑)ѡ́ɔȁхɑ́ɔ)ЁЁх́ɔѡ)ͥͥѥѼѱ)ѕȁѡ́ɽݥɭиA̰)Ё́х́ٔͅѠ)ѥ䁽ͥєѡ́Ѽ)ɥݥѠٕ5ݽ)ѕt)QɅ䁥)Ё䁡ɽ(Ѓ U 0IY$\U, <4)ٕѵ́ѡ)5ݽɽѡЀ)ѡ̸%ѥѼݡ)Ё܁хѕ̰ѡɴ)ɽՍѡձѤ͔)M؁ٕɅѕ)ѡɕ͍ɅѼՑѠ)ѡ1屔 ѕɅ)ѕ́ѡͽ)U,ȁMѕ) ѥAɝ̸+qѕȁɥ)᥵ͥȁ͕٥)Ёȁѵ)Ѽٕѡݔ)ȁѽ́Ѽѡ)ѱ䁕ѕȁݥ)ͥ́ѡёȁ٥)ɭгt́5ɬqQ)䁅́+ ٕѵЁЁӊé)ݽѡݡٽȁ́Ё)ݕ́Ѽɕєѡə)љɴѼɕɔȁѽ)ѼՍ͙ձ͕х)ɕմյմٕɅ̻t)ܹݽɽ