Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 43

OUTDOORLIVING Energy efficiency and rooflights – achieving excellence » » WITH THE EU 2020 ENERGY Efficiency Directive driving the construction industry to help cut the nation’s energy use by 30 per cent over the next two years, Vanessa Howard, Chief Marketing Officer at Roof Maker, explores the latest technical developments in the production of rooflights to support energy efficiency... To prevent heat loss, a pane of glass must adequately control the different elements that make up the solar spectrum: UV light, visible light and infrared light; to become energy efficient, a pane of glass should allow the highest level of visible light to transmit through the glass, whilst simultaneously allowing the lowest level of infrared light to be transmitted, this is typically a wavelength of around 1,900 nanometers. However, with regard to rooflights in particular, extra consideration must be applied as the horizontal positioning of the glass effects its energy efficiency and the rate at which it conducts heat loss. If the same pane of glass is changed from a vertical position in a wall to a horizontal position in a ceiling, the U values will be approximately 30 per cent less due to convection. This is important when considering that current UK building regulations state a window must have a U Value of 1.6 or lower. If you transfer a vertical window with a U value of 1.6 into a horizontal positioning, its U value will be significantly higher. Roof Maker manufactures a range of glazing solutions, developed under the Reflex brand to offer exceptional thermal performance, solar performance, up to 100% UV protection, security gla 72B6R7W&W76rv72F02&vRBWfVbVW&wVff6V7F@6B&R6WfVBvFFV&RvrR&bW.( 2FV66FV2v&VB&@FFWfV&vRb&fƖvG2FBffW"খ&W76fRVrfVRbbFV"&F6FrBFvWFW"vF6WfW"g&PFW6v6vfRFFVBWrfVRbW70FE$Rtr( 22Bt%DCDRe$P2VB&6W2FRVB72fW'F6vFr2f"W72FFBb&fƖv@&V6W6RFRv226vf6Fǒ&vW"&Vb76RF&6RBfv6F֖6W2FP&FRBv6FRVB27B&F&fƖvBFR&V2F&ǒ6W"FPF&V7FbFRVB&6rBfƖrv6V2FR&FRbVB722w&VFW"2FR 2W7276RFG&fVG&FFǒFRg&R2&VVFP66W&6RbVB72f"GPbvFrB2&VVf7F"`Vff6VBVW&wVff6V7vWfW"&FW"F7V66W76gVǒ6&BF2&bW 7V6fW2V֖Vg&W27&72G2VF&P&vRbGV"fBfVB6&7V"@Vr&fƖvG22BǒFW2BffW FRvW7BWfV2bGW&&ƗGB&W6ƖV6PGVRFG2&Rw&FRvFW"6FrB6&fFW2FRw&VFW7BWfVbVB7VFBFW&Vff6V7vV6&VBvF7WW"Vff6VB7VFrFW&2FW7FVBF%2c3sRBFRg&RfVGW&W07WW"7VFrfFW&'&VF&WfVBVB72g&&Vr6GV7FVBF26&VBvFFRF&VRW'2bvr@vW&f&֖r76W"&'26W&FrFPv72V7W&W2FBFR&fƖvB7W'G2FP'VFr&WFrG2FW&"FVW&GW&R'&WfVFrVBg&W66rF2FV6w2&VVFVR7FWgW'FW"vFFRFWfVVBb&bW.( 0FW7B76fRW6R67&VFFVBfVBf@&fƖvBv6fVGW&W2FVFVB7FWFW6vFB2&VVFW6vVBF66FFR3 +FffW&V6R&WGvVVFRWG6FRB6FPFVW&GW&Rf"WRbFRWFW&FVW&GW&Rv2 +FRFW&"bFP&W'G6VB&RWF# +B6FV6FvVBBV"6FV6F2f6&PF6F"bFW&W&f&6RfW"vFr77FVWfVFVvfVFF6V@&R6G&'WFrf7F"&bW.( 0G&FF&vRb&fƖvG2FffW&V6Rb# +266FFVBf"2B2fW'&&Rf"'&F6vVFW"FG&F7V6rFVW&GW&W2FRw&VFW7BGfFvRbG&RvV@&fƖvG2vWfW"2FRfVVƖrb6f'@vfV'7F&RFVW&GW&RFRRFW&R&R6BBv&7G2F&VvW@FR&W'GW7B667FVBVF@6f'F&RVf&VB2R%bRrR2 +Rr# +C0