Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 35

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS SEAMLESS STYLE AND AN UNINTERRUPTED VIEW - with the new, slimmer sightline FlushSash from VEKA Group » » VEKA GROUP HAS FURTHER enhanced the company’s popular FlushSash system, in order to give customers another stand- out feature to secure more sales this summer. The industry-leading systems supplier has introduced the latest evolution of the FlushSash, compatible with System 10, Rustique and Matrix Fully Sculptured systems, with a (patent-pending) concealed mullion, which results in virtually no sightlines. Sales Director Neil Evans explains: “Our FlushSash has been a popular choice with fabricators for a number of years, and as the market increase shows, it is obviously becoming ever more popular with homeowners. The 2017 Palmer Market Research report, Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing in Great Britain, recorded an 88% increase in installations to a total of 335,000 frames annually, at the same time doubling the market share of Flush casements to 5%. “To ensure the FlushSash remains at the forefront of the market for our customers, we have made it even more sleek, stylish and versatile. The Slim Sightline FlushSash offers homeowners a ‘next level’ product. Our patent- pending concealed mullion m V2FBF0( g&V6vF~( 6V6WFVǒf VFW''WFVBfWrbFRWFF'26ƖЧ6vFƖW2ƖRF2&R&R6ǒfV@vFVvFw26F277FV2w&V@FW&FfRFF&W"vFFR&VVfG2`d2R7W7FW'2666RG&FFW7FWF72( 2vFW"&VƗ7F2vFw&2@V66ǒFVBF2( 2vFFRFFV@GfFvW2brFV6R7&V6VBVW&wVff6V7BVf&R6V7W&GW&f&6R( vFRfVRbFR6ƖƖPfW6662f&RB6W'2W7F6BFFb#6W'2g&W"f&F06V7F7&VF&RRbW fW6666W2&RfVBgFVw&Wf"w&VBFW&FfRF6FV&'V֖VЦW7FWF2( F6F27VvvW7BFBFR&B&FPbw&wFfW677FV2v6FVR@6vF&WBFB2fBfW&fW666VVG27FBWB2FVFǒV7&FfP6VvVBf"W"7W7FW'2FFRGfFvPbFBFF2FRWG&&VVfG2FB&Pf&Rg&dTw&W#6W'0vFBf&Rg&7F6V66FrGW7G'VFr&Gv&RBf6RVƖBVvW'2vVB&R&@&W76VBFfB77FV&WGFW"&RFVW@FV"VVG2( ЧwwrfVV6ФW&FvRFW&6f'BfW666vFw2g&66T&R7FWF2vFW&FvR2WB7&VBvFFW&fVGW&W3( "RfVRbEr$27FF&@( "rFV6P( "7GVr'&b6W'0( "V"wV&FVPW&BW2FW6W'fRfW666g&66TfBWB&RB66V6"6F7BW2'VƖr6W466V6"6##bsSc2R%bRrR2 +Rr# +3