Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 30

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Fresh factory & showroom for new partnership » » HAILSHAM-BASED TRADESMITH IS the latest high-profile trade manufacturer to join The Residence Collection, with a dedicated new factory to fabricate R7 and R9 windows and doors. While the new factory may look more akin to a large joinery workshop, thanks to the benches and milling machines, with full set- up and technical support provided, the new partner is also building a split-level showroom, so visiting installers and developers can appreciate the full range and quality of R7 and R9 windows and doors. With a number of prestigious postcode areas and conservation areas in the South East, Tradesmith believes that it will be able to exploit the swing away from typical white windows with R7 and tackle the timber sector head on with R9. It will also be supplying the newly re-launched R9 Solidor range of premium composite doors to complement Residence windows. Tradesmith MD Mark Hutchinson, commented: “Homeowners and developers are looking for more choice of colour and style, and a more attractive range of premium quality products. After a comprehensive review we chose to partner with The Residence Collection for the R7 and R9. It’s early days, but the response from customers has been very positive, and we’ve already opened doors to new prospects.” DOORS OPEN TO NEW EAST MIDLANDS FRANCHISE » » PATIOMASTER EAST Midlands will cater for the growing number of customers operating throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire areas, with former Epwin Group employee, Neil Dattani at the helm. Neil said: “PatioMaster is a brand that I am not only passionate about, but have seen for myself the value-added benefits the high-quality product range can add to an installer’s portfolio. Perhaps the biggest advantage of partnering with PatioMaster is you’re partnering with a company that manufactures bespoke patio doors that are easy to install. PatioMaster doors are made to our customers’ exact specifications and are typically delivered within a week, meaning orders can be fulfilled quickly. The installation process is aided by PatioMaster’s ultra slim profiles, which significantly reduce the amount of plaster cutback required during installation. Combined with superb technical features includ [”X\YH\Yۈ[ۜBY\[HوۙY\][ۜ[[[\\]H YH\[HH][X\\ٙ\[\œ\\]]\H][ 'B\Y[[[K][X\\&\[X[Y\ZY8'Z[8&\œ\[ۈ܈H[\[^\˜Y[]Y[[HۛHY \]X[]H][X\\X\Y]Z[8&\š[[ۈ^\Y[H[[\X\H\\HXZB][X\\X\ZY[BܙX]X\˸'B˜][X\\˝Z‘SSPӒUSӂ0SSHTTXX]ܜ[[[\]^HZHX]H\[[\[\[ B[\YHXY[X\\[[[X\][X[Y\]\[[\[\ZY8'HX[][ۈقH\[]H[HY[ۙ\Xۚ][ۈYX[\\[ٙ\[]8&\š\X]X\ۙHوHX\ۜ]\]XY[X[HHX[H\XX]ܜ˸'B]]\۸&]\H]]BH\]]]HY[YH8$]8&\H[Xۚ][ۈˈ\\H[]8&\œXۚ\YH ]و LY[ۙ\X0UQ N0PTHHHR B]\[[\HXY\[[[B\[KYX[܈\[Y[[ \[[[\[H\Y܈[\[B܈^\[H^Y[\[܈[[[B^H܈\Hو[YK\܈ٚ[\]BH[YH[\Y\H\H[܂[[[XX[]H[ۜ\[[\[B[[][ۋ\x&\H\Z[]HZ]Hق[[\Y\[H[\\[ۜ\[BܙX]H\XڙXˈ[HX\]H[\X[YXY[Hو]\HX\\\Y ž[Hۛ[x&[H][XXHوZ[]]\H\܈[[˂˜\[˘˝Z