Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 26

PROUD SPONSOR OF DOORS & WINDOWS DOORS&WINDOWS Lucky 7 bags showroom of the month The common goals of football and fenestration » » LEAMORE WINDOWS IS THE latest company to win the Solidor Showroom of the Month honour, with a newly expanded showroom environment comprising of seven premium composite doors at their established premises in Walsall. The company is also celebrating its 35th year in business, making it one of the longest established home improvement and glazing » » YORKSHIRE-BASED WINDOW and door fabricator and vertical slider specialist Quickslide Windows has strengthened links with football with a hat- trick of football club sponsorships. The first partnership, with Huddersfield Town, also known as The Terriers, extends over several years to when the Premiership was just a dream. Quickslide Chairman Adrian Barraclough: “The Terriers have been quite an inspiration for Quickslide with the philosophy that success can be achieved with good, honest hard work, great spirit, and sharing common id X[[[][[[HY[YH]]\] 'B]ZXYH\[Hܛ[[\ۜ܈܈Y\HۋX^\š\Z[\H]ZXYx&\K[X[H[\YY\[[\Y\˜Z[^Y\[[ˈH^YX\X[[[YHH]ZXYH[\ۂH\X[H\و]]\ۋ[\[[Y[][YHX]YY[وYX[HY8'H]H[^\[YYܝ˜[[Y]H]]X[HX\Y[YH[\[\Yܝ[]X˜[[Y\\[\HY\[[Y[و][[Y ][Y]X\H[HH[ܚ]H[][H[&][[H[x'B˜]ZXYK˝ZŒ0UQ N0PTHHHR B\[\\[H\ZY[[\Y[Hۙ\[[Y܈\Y\[H LHX[^[[ۈ[H\وY܂\]Hܜۈ\^H][\Y[H\[و[[ܙX\H[[X[܈H]\[[H܈Hۜ[Y\[\\ق\Yۈ[[][YX\]K\HX] X[[ܙH[Q[Y[Y8'[H\܈HY܈B[YH[܈X\ۋ\]8&\H\\]H[[H܈]\KXYB[][YX\][ˈx&]H[]ݙ\HYX\]XH\\و[\YH]\˜\]H܈[x&\HXHXY]BۙX\[ۜ\[K[H[\و\\YH[\ݙ[Y[XXX]K\[[H܈ܙ\[XZ[[]H]X[YX\[ X\Y[B[YXX[܈\˸'B˛X[[ܙ][˘B\Y\][[ۂY\\^[۝°0TTSԔ ۜ\]ܚY\[[][ۜ\[œ\HRH\[\ۘHYZ[Y\X[[˜[\UH\[H܈\^[۝˂H[Z[K[ۙY\[H H]YBܛ\Xܛ][\ H\[œKZ[Y[\[[]ܚ[ܙ\œYZ[X\Hو[\K[XY[˜\[\\ܝ Q][X\^Z[Έ8'x&]H\YRH܈H\ LHYX\[]\YH؛[K]HY]ZYH[YB܈H[K]YH\HZ\[]ۂY][]\H[ݙYݙ\H]œ\[H]Y\^[۝HYYZ]]\\HX\H]X[]HH\B\Y˂'H]X[]HوRHٚ[H\^\[ۘ[[\x&\HX\]H[Hو[[܈[\HK[HYH\و\˂'H\H[Y[]\X]\H]YX[H\H[YXKۘHYZ[[[\[[]ܚˈZ[\وK]\\\Y\[ۙY[H[\[YH[\ݙ[Y[]\ˈ\\™]\][[\[\K[H]ܚ˜\\\\Y\]^H\H][[^[[X ][\X\XK'B˝Z]Z˘