Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 25

DIRECTOROFTH EMONTH WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY Mat Gibson, MD at Chase Taylor Recruitment Ltd – the employment specialist for the glazing, fenestration, and construction industry – talks early mornings, Friday night spars, headhunting on LinkedIn, and the occasional ice cold pint… 5. FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN YOU GET TO YOUR DESK? The first thing I do is log onto my laptop, open my emails and start responding to messages. 6. WHAT WEBSITES HELP YOU? As a company, we operate on many levels and have a number of valuable websites that we use on a daily basis. For me, LinkedIn is probably the most valuable website I use as well as our own bespoke database. 1. NAME/JOB TITLE: Mat Gibson – Managing Director – Chase Taylor Recruitment Ltd 2. WHEN DID YOU JOIN (OR START) THE COMPANY? I started Chase Taylor Recruitment in March 2012; after being made redundant I took the opportunity to start up my own business with the vision of building the No 1 agency providing the best quality candidates in the industry. 3. DESCRIBE YOUR WORKING DAY (FROM THE TIME YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE, ETC.) I start the day with the gym at 5.30am, after that I drop my son Chace to the childminder, and get into the office for 8.30am – meanwhile my phone never stops ringing. I love the fact that I am constantly busy; speaking to clients and candidates in the industry means that I know that I am always up to date in relation to what is happening in our industry, movers and shakers, and current market trends. 4. WHAT IS YOUR WORKSPACE LIKE? (TIDY/ORGANISED ETC.) My workspace is very organised, with the GDPR regulations we operate a strict clear desk policy in the office. My workspace centres on my two essentials; my phone and my laptop; that way I can be constantly in touch with the people in our industry… 7. MOST USEFUL BUSINESS TOOL? (SAT NAV/APPS ETC.) LinkedIn allows me access to headhunt the passive professional market, and be very prescriptive in targeting candidates from competitors for my clients. A close second is our internal database. We have worked very hard over the last six years to build a database that has thousands of candidates registered with us, all of whom have fenestration experience and backgrounds. 8. BEST BUSINESS DECISION IN YOUR CURRENT ROLE? To employ a fabulous team of eight loyal and dedicated staff . . . (I was paid to say that!). Seriously though – my staff are all industry experts and more than happy to speak to clients and candidates. 9. FAVOURITE ROLE MODELS AND WHY? I love positive, upbeat and aspirational people, and being around them. They have a great contagious energy. I guess you would expect me to cite some famous names at this point but in truth I have been lucky enough to come into contact with this type of person in my everyday life. 10. HOW DO YOU UNWIND? I love the gym and I spar every Friday at a dedicated boxing gym. I also love a nice ice cold pint (now and again). FINDING THE RIGHT STAFF IS GETTING HARDER AND HARDER…THAT’S WHERE WE CAN HELP. Chase Taylor Recruitment is a professional employment specialist for the glazing, construction and fenestration industries. We take time to understand the most individual needs of our clients, using our expertise and industry knowledge to find the right candidates, at all levels. We offer a full 360 service to both candidates and clients; starting with things like a free career ‘health check’ and CV makeover for candidates, and for clients we offer everything from to advice on salary packages, right through to a bespoke headhunting service. Job movement and development are part of any career. However, clients often do not have the time nor resources to find the right person. For candidates, they may have been made redundant unexpectedly, or have become unhappy in their current role, and are unsure where to start. Moreover, there are recruiters who do the industry a disservice, and a bad experience is more memorable than a good one. It takes time and dedication to find an excellent candidate with the rights skills and experience. At Chase Taylor, we aim to ensure an individual - whether unemployed or employed - is represented professionally and put forward to vacancies which are a suited match. Good recruitment is a detailed and prescriptive process, and although some businesses see using an agency as an additional outgoing, all employers understand the cost of a bad hire. So why risk your chances with an agency who do not know the intricacies of the fenestration industry? Find out more at C L E A RV I E W-U K . C O M » AU G 2018 » 25