Clearview National August 2018 - Issue 201 - Page 22

PROUD SPONSOR OF INDUSTRY NEWS INDUSTRYNEWS Customer wins luxury holiday in supplier competition » » MAY MAY HAVE BEEN A ‘WINNING’ month for everyone with a sunny Bank Holiday at either end, but one lucky Synseal Group customer had even more to celebrate when they won £2,500 towards a luxury holiday of its choice. Easyglaze Ltd - based in Lincoln - was the randomly selected winner of Synseal’s Spring Break competition; chosen from the thousands of orders placed across Synseal’s fully fabricated products including the WarmCore, Evolve, K2, Global, Stratus and Celsius Solid Roof brands. Synseal Sales Director, Kevin Warner, said: “we had such good weather at the start of spring across the UK, so we wanted to do something to remind our customers that summer was on its way. Our pre-fabricated products have proven to be very popular with our customers, particularly smaller companies who may not have the space or staff capacity to manufacture some of these products themselves. We offer sash windows, PVC-U and aluminium patio doors, full conservatories and lantern roofs readymade, so our customers can meet the seasonal demands of the market without investing in their own machinery, staff and time to manufacture on site. Sometimes a customer just needs something specific for a one-off job, so we do the hard work for them.” Easyglaze Ltd Managing Director, Barry Warrener, said he was delighted to win the competition but almost didn’t collect their prize, explaining: “we thought it was a hoax – luckily the penny dropped and we realised we really had won a holiday. We have decided to stay in the UK and take the team and their partners to Edinburgh at Christmas and celebrate the year in style with a night or two in a luxury hotel, and a private dining experience on board the Royal Yacht Britannia. We often get around to Christmas and forget to book anything, so it will be a real treat for all of us and something to look forward to once the summer is over.” Easyglaze Ltd was established in 2007 and has been selling Synseal products for most of that time. Having just bought the unit next door, the company is set to expand its business and start selling more conservatory roofs and possibly manufacture their own aluminium bi- folds to meet the growing demand. | Scarborough College gets a residence listing » » RESIDENCE 9 WINDOWS, PART OF The Residence Collection, have been specified on a listed building refurbishment project at Scarborough College in North Yorkshire, having been approved by planners at Scarborough Local Council and these will be installed over the course of several phases. Scarborough College is an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 years and has been providing boarding and day education in Scarborough for nearly 120 years. Given the current state of some of the windows at the school, the decision was made by governors to replace all the glazing and roof as part of a \H[\Y[ܘ[[YK[\[Y\]H[Y[[\YYۈHڙX][YHX[YX\BوHܘZ[Y]KYX[X[H[Y\Y[HH JH[X]\[‘[ܙX[\[[ۚ^HZ[[\˜HYH[Y\[[[YB[\[ۈ[\ܛY\Y\[Y\ˈ]\[ ML[Œ0UQ N0PTHHHR B[[ \\ۙHوH\\ڙX܂H\Y[HX[ۋX\Z[˜\YY][]\[\\Z[[Z\H[B\ܝ\[ۈ]H X\]K[\\X܈]•YH[Y\[Y[Y8'H[B[Y\X[۝X\X[\HH[\ۈۋH\H؝[\ H\XXKHۛHXH H܈HڙX][B[]]H]\Hو\\YZ[[[x&\H[YYH\وHڙX 'B\Y\HXYHX\\KX[Y[\X܈و[\[ۈ[΂'\\Hۙ\[ڙX[[[YB[\[Y\]HܙX]\]][ۋH\H[[X]H[܈\YZ[[[[Y[[]X\H[H™ܝ\\][H[XZ[[\\[YH\K'B\Z][[\[X\][\X܂وH\Y[HX[ۈۘYY8'x&\B[YH\و\Y\\Y[ڙXۈH\YZ[[[Hݚ[]H\H[[X]H\]YH\[Y[[[ۙH]8&\[YYH[\ˈx&]H][X\][\ܝX]\X[[\\Y\]ڙX[ۜ\][ۜ\X\˜[܈\H\\وZ[[܈]\›ۘHHXZ[و[X\ۛKx&\H˜X][H[[XZ\^Hو[[]ۜY\XHX\˸'B˜YY[Y\˘˂BB˘[\[۝[\ܛY ˝Z